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30th November 2009 10:45 PM
Lessacher Hallo Jan! 36cm Duo Weed should help you. Or the Rake 30 in 40cm. She is 49cm
long. She works better than my 48cm Slalomfin. Both are in 100% carbon. Mail me
and I try to help you.You can test what you want. Wolfgang
30th November 2009 08:15 PM
Darko_Z My weight is 90 kg, with FUTURA 133, NS S-TYPE 9,5m sail and 48cm slalom fin I can get comfortably on to plane with 12 - 13 kn wind, with pumping 11 12 kn. I can stay at plane until wind drops under 10kn for 5 to10 sec. I can use NS S-TYPE 9,5m sail comfortably until wind is stronger than 20 kn, from 20 to 25 kn I can still use this sail but is not comfortably any more, above 25 is survival.
With sail NS S-TYPE 7,8m I can get on to plane with 15 kn wind. Above 18 kn I can get more speed with 7,8m but with 9,5m I can get better angels of sailing.
25th November 2009 02:21 PM
Unregistered I see where this is going - the problem is......ME!!, Im to lazy to change fin.... :-) (really I am) Next time the wind is 14-15kts Ill try another fin, and see what that feels like. I have 46, 48 and 52cm slalom fins, so its only a matter of walking to the car and doing something about it.

Yes, the water is shallow, so I need to walk out further. This however, is okay as water temp is 6 degrees and walking gets my temperature up :-)

Thanks to you both - this will keep me occupied.

25th November 2009 12:17 AM
Roger Hi Jan,
Maximus has given you some good things to try!
A larger board would want a larger sail.
I suggested the larger weed fin (you could even get the 40 cm Formula Duo from Wolfgang) because it will give you alot more "stick" at slow speeds.
If you had enough water, a 48-52 cm vertical fin would be real good at your weight, but it does not sound like you have that much water depth.
I still think a sail with more draft and less top end will get you going sooner and alot easier.
I have both Sailworks Retros (very drafty and great light wind performance but they can be adjusted to give more top end and stability) and Sailworks NXslm race sails.
If I want to get planing early, I use my 8.5 Retro or 9.1 NXslm, if I want more stability I use the 8.5 NXslm.
The race sail just does not have quite as much low end tuning range as the free race.
On the other hand, I can sail the race sail well past the wind speed of the free race comfortably.
Hope this helps,
24th November 2009 07:50 PM
Unregistered Thanks for your input, Maximus.

Ill try some of you tips

24th November 2009 02:01 PM
Maximus Hey Jan

I have sailed the F133 with 8.4 RSS. I'm about 92KG and would guess I would need at least 10 knots to get going. I would be using a 48cm fin, sail downhauled correctly, with just a tiny bit of positive outhaul. I dont know what your weed fins are like, however its essential you get the correct lift from the fin at your weight. Also good light wind technique (as much mast foot pressure as possible, boom on the RSS right to top of cutout) will reduce your planing threshold by a few knots as well.

I now have the new RSS MIII's and they certainly have another .5m of grunt for each sail size. So if you can get your hands on a 8.6, that would also make a difference.

I think you can get more out of your 133, before considering another board. If you go for a larger board, you may find yourself wanting a 9.5!
23rd November 2009 11:27 PM
Unregistered Dear Roger

or what about getting the F141 instead of a larger sail?
(more volume and 4 cm wider)

23rd November 2009 09:10 PM
Unregistered Hi and thanks Roger

Its sealevel and saltwater - but before getting a new sail, Ill try some different sail/fin settings - maybe also a 45cm slalom fin (at high tide).

Im trying to move back progressively - and not jump around like a elephant, but sometimes its hard with 198cm and 95kgs :-)

23rd November 2009 08:37 PM
Roger Hi Jan,
Freshwater or salt water?
Any altitude?
Perhaps try a free race sail (vs your RS:S race sail) and see if you don't get some better bottom end.
Larger (approx. 9.0 m2) free race sail might help, but in a true 12-14 knots I'd think a "gruntier" 8.5 m2 would do the trick.
Are you moving back on the board "progressively"?
Some of the Futuras are kinda sensitive to where/when you move back on them.
Too soon, they don't want to plane, not far enough, they don't want to plane, too far or too fast and they realy don't want to plane.
A little larger fin (due to your 95 Kg. weight ) might work. Do you have a 36 cm Lessacher Duo?
Hope this helps,
23rd November 2009 07:31 PM
Futura 133 (2008) "windspeed to plane"

Hello All

I often sail a spot with shallow water (0,5 - 1,5mtr deep) and normaly use a Lessacher duo-cut weed fin 32cm - so I dont hit the buttom. This setup is great, no spinouts, good speed ect. BUT......!!

My weight beeing 95kg and using a 8,4kvm RS:S/MKII I need 15kts to pump it onto the plane. At 14kts I can pump forever, but will never get onto a stable plane, to build up speed from.

Any ideas of how/what to do, so I can accelerate from my slow-planing situation at 13-14kts??

Practice makes perfect (i know), but any tips?

Jan - Denmark

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