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15th December 2009 12:01 AM
kiwiben trust me, I'm not that good... i think on the tiny board I have just had too big a sail and too small a fin in too strong a'winds.

Yesterday on everyone's advice I took out the carve 121 with an 8.1m sail in conditions I would have always thought were too light for that board and me. Result? Absolutely brilliant, great speed, early planing, and the waterstarts were no harder than with smaller sails. gybing was as easy as ever too, ie... impossible!... just kidding, I am nearly there with my gybing. They heve been coming on ever since 2 guys told me to bend my knees more. One of them was Harty I think, in the UK WS Mag, the other was a local dude...)
14th December 2009 04:24 AM
joe_windsurfer we called my buddy a kiwi cuz his hair was so short
so , some called him fuzzy head as well...

wow, heavy weight on a 75 liter board and spinning out
you ARE good !!!

my initial thought was the fin - from what i have read
i am NOT good enuff to go on 75 liter board AND experience spinout

my gut reaction seems to have been a good one
check out this webpage:
14th December 2009 01:43 AM
kiwiben Hi, Kiwi means New Zealander. Were you imagining a gigantic hairy fruit ripping it up in 25 knots? Or a large flightless bird maybe?

Both these things could actually happen now i think of it....

Great advice thank you... I will keep it in mind.

I have a little 75 litre wave board that I love to ride but have spinout issues... is this purely because I am too heavy do you think? Or would it just be normal reasons for spin outs?
12th December 2009 03:32 AM
joe_windsurfer why do you call yourself kiwi ?
when i read kiwi on board , i thought there was a problem

also about 100 kg dry here

120+ liters is supposed to handle about 5.0 - 9.0
160 liters handles about 7.0 - 11.0 depending on width

for my 8.5 i use a 46 cm weed fin and love the combo - on a 160 floater
tried an 11.0 which was oversized for the board, but flew

since i liked the high speed in light wind, my next step is 10.0 race sail and then SB formula board :-)
anything under 100 liters is overkill for our weight - unless you are PRO
so , as someone said 105 - 200+
11th December 2009 11:55 AM
PG As a heavyweight (100 + kg) myself I think that a 9 m2 sail is a goodsend. It is quite a lot more powerful than a 8 m2 for a heavy guy, and it is still decent to handle on teh beach and in transitions.

But in order to use that kind of a sail you need at least 75 cm of width, and with the modern shapes a few more would probably be good.

At least where I sail the wind can be quite variable, on and off, and there can be a longish shlog to the windline. A board that allows me to comfortably pull the big rig is then appreciated, at least 30 liters above weight, preferrably 35.

I find that a two board combo of 140 liters "slalom" + 105 liters FSW pretty much covers all conditions from a very marginal 9 m2 to a well loaded 5.3 (where average weight guys may even sail 4.2).
11th December 2009 05:51 AM
kiwiben Thanks Floyd. (I have become a member now...) this forum is great. It is good to finally hear from a heavy sailor like me.

On your advice i will definitely give the carve a go with the 8m sail on a marginal day, instead of taking the safe but boring option of using the huge BIC techno.

And yes, my next board will be 140-150l I think. Maybe an isonic...
11th December 2009 05:13 AM
Floyd On apres diet days I`m your weight; post christmas; holidays; weekends I`m 3k heavier.
On 121 litres dont think you`ll gain much goiung over 8 metres; bigger sailors need more float /width to carry more sail.
I reckon youl`ll be planing in 12 knots + on your 121.
If you do the maths and include board weight;rig weight and wet suit/harness you dont have much reserve left. At 100k a 121 is really quite a small board; and will sink when wind drops.I struggle carrying 8 metre on 130 litres ;(but its do able)

Suspect you could do with 140 litres ish for medium winds and then 100 (ish) for high winds. ??? Forget light winds unless you fancy Formula !!! (IMO)
9th December 2009 09:47 AM
Unregistered thanks, i will keep that in mind
8th December 2009 11:27 AM
PG I think your Carve would take the 8 m2 sail, but not much bigger. Absolute windspeed is difficult since it depends on the way it is measured, but I would guess 15-16 knots, maybe a little less, would do it.
8th December 2009 09:07 AM
gigantic kiwi on carve 121

I am 100kg (220lb) 6ft 4 and rippling with muscles (settle down ladies) and I have an 04 carve 121, with a C3 venom 42cm fin.

What would be the lightest wind i could plane in, and what size sail should I use in this wind? the reason i ask is because I have a 9.1m sail and always figure if I'm going to use that, or my 8m, I may as well use my big Bic techno 205litre. Would the carve handle these larger sails, and if so, what windspeed is good for them

Bear in mind all my many sails are about 5-8 years old.

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