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15th December 2009 10:19 PM
Kombat Hi Chris,

if I wasn't to keep my Kombat 97, I guess the choice would have been easier... The K97 takes the 6,4 (and even an old retired 6.7) without problems (recommended 4.5-6.5), but I would like to be able to get some more time on water, and in that case, expanding the sail quiver is more or less mandatory. This also would mean that I'd have to expand the board quiver, and the F101 has recommended sail range 4.5-7.5 (F111 5.0-8.0).
Question is, if the Futura is "enough different" in characteristics compared to the Kombat, that the 101 should fill a gap, or if I should go for the 111 to gain (even) more in sail range? Still, on occasions when the Futura would be the only board available, I would like to take it out into 4.7/5.0 winds, even though it would be rare...
I will (most probably) not go any bigger in sail than around 7.5-7.8, and as I consider myself "almost" lightweight, I would expect the 101 take a 7.8 as easy as the K97 takes my old 6.7 (or am I wrong here?), since floatation is not a problem in these sizes...
Main concern is the 68cm width of the 111, which I suspect could get a bit bouncy in the small waves/chop that builds on some of my spots (sold my old 63cm wide freeride which actually was quite nice, sometimes I regret that...). Total flatwater is not so frequent, otherwise I could maybe also have put more focus on the iSonic... and again, the 101 is only 3,5cm wider than the Kombat97 (61.5), but with faster rockers and bigger sails I suspect this could aid in early planning and/or faster blasting runs (maybe together with some jumping, which is one of the strong skills of the Kombat...)

Lots of thoughts, but the summoned expertise of the forum is very helpful =)
15th December 2009 06:03 AM
Chris Pressler Hi Kombat,
I would recommend the Futura 101 for your current sailrange. But if you will for sure add a bigger sailsizes about 7,..., I definitely would go for the 111.
Both constructions are nice, wood or technora. Out of my view the 101 makes extremely much fun. Would use the fins, which will come with the board. 34 or 38.

Hope it helps,
13th December 2009 03:37 AM
Kombat Also... besides the weight and stiffness, what is the main "performance" differnences wood/technora in this size? I have only personally experienced technora so far on my Kombat+PA, mainly because a fellow surfer complained about his wood board, and its fragility (is that correct english?)...

Edit: Kombat/ Pure Acid are both of model -07.
Edit2: what would the recommended fin setup be for the 101/111, if I chose to add one fin?
12th December 2009 05:12 AM
Kombat Hi all,

I am also in thinking about the Futura, if I find a -08/-09 to a good price. I am 75 kg, and my current sail quiver is 4.7/5.7/6.4 to which I would like to add something 7.5-7.8ish. The Futura would be mainly used with 5.7/6.4/7.x during the not-so-windy summer, and when I only can bring one board along. Other boards in the quiver are Kombat 97 and Pure Acid 80.
Spots for the Futura would be small regular waves, max 0.5-0.75m during high wind. I want to get out planning in relatively low winds, but still want it to kick butt and not be "dragging" those days when it actually is windy. Should I go with the 101 (even though it's veery close to my Kombat) or the 111 (which is quite wide with its 68cm, will the cause much less top-speed and drag?)
The Futura would be used for blasting/speeding, and the kombat for more manouverable surfing/smaller waves etc.

Is the -09 far better/speedier/livelier than the -08?

How is the "fun" in the futura compared to the Kombat?
10th September 2009 11:23 PM
Screamer Snowy
Welcome back. What was your level when you quit? You say you need to re-learn carve gybes, were you 100% sure in your waterstarts? If yes then you can maybe go a bit smaller than you think (and the wind is reliable). To be on the safe side for uphauling/schloging, you will need around 120/125 litres of volume, but you will lose a bit of the higher wind range and in lumpy water. What are your typical conditions/sail sizes? (and please don't say from 3 to 7bf ;-))), choose what's the most frequent and/or the most important)
9th September 2009 11:28 PM
Ken Snowy,

I have an iSonic 111 which isn't too different than the Futura in volume and width. I weigh 78 kg and picked the iS so I could uphaul if the wind drops (which it does a lot where I sail). For me, it is not easy to uphaul, but it's not that difficult either. Foot positioning is critical as either the nose or the tail will sink if I am off 5-10 cm with my feet. At 90 kg, I think you may have a tough time uphauling. It can be done (the deck may go under water slightly), but it will take some practice. Wave action will also make it more difficult. Sail size will play a role too. With my board, a 6.6 is pretty easy to pull up, but my 8.4 is a little more demanding.

You may be better off with the Futura 122, but that all depends on your usual wind conditions, board and sail quivers, skill level, commitment to windsurfing, etc.

Hope this helps.
8th September 2009 05:10 AM
Futura 111... is it right for me to consder?

Originally Posted by namreh View Post
I don't know if Mr palmer got this rumour from my post on my site...

I do think that the futura 111 2009 is slightly smaller versus the futura 111 2008.
With my 90kg the futura 2008 was a "lightwind" board and I could even use my overdrive 8.5mē on it and tack on it with my eyes closed.

My futura 111 2009 is something more highend oriented and this is really bringing back the more s-type oriented feeling. Very happy with this board and really even faster then the previous version (this weekend was my second sail on it and finally I got myself over the 60km/u in moderate conditions).

I really think the volumedifference between this 2 boards is up to 10liters. So do you want a more lightwind-oriented board choose the futura 122 2009 and otherwise the futura 111 2009. This is all my feeling as a normal freerider and I don't want to say it's official or the only right thing, maybe I'm totally wrong, but this is my feeling. ;-)

I too am thinking about possibilities... I am a returning windsurfer...after too man years!.. and want a board with a good wind and sail range, possible to use on both flat and mostly small wave. I need to re-learn to carve jibe, etc...

The thing is, I'm 89 to 90kg and I need to be able to uphaul the thing if it becomes necessary...

Am I being too adventurous...do I need a dingy?...wadya think guys?

1st November 2008 09:22 PM
Futura or go 111 for 5.0 conditions

Hi, in the specs are listed 5.0 to 8.0 as a sail range, can I really use 5.0?
I am a n intermediate with 70 kilos of weight. My local Spot is a lake with a little bit choppy conditions.

The reason to consider the go 111 is that some days of light wind I plug my 7.5 freeride sail on it.

Current quiver: Gaastra manic 5.0 and Neilpryde Solo 7.5 with a JP freestyle 105 (but with the 7.5 it doesn't work well).

I want a 1 board that can be ridden with 5.0 and 7.5

Is the go 111 the 1 board solution?


1st November 2008 06:40 PM
Unregistered I think it may have something to do with the feel rather than actual volume change. the 08 boards to me felt big and i would have used one size down compared to the previous s-types.
The new 09's are different in they feel more alive, easier to gybe and slightly racier, and this could be seen to "feel" smaller to some.
I am 75 kgs and would use the 101 for 5.5 to 7.5 sailing in consistent wind but the 111 would be preffered in 70 to 7.5 weather. the 122 feels great but too big for anything other than flat water for me.

for an 80 kg guy up to 7.5 the f111 would be a great choice and it is definately easier to sail.
29th October 2008 01:49 AM
mrpalmer Thanks for your input! I read it in one forum, don't remember which, but also here: http://www.dailybits.be/index.php?itemid=1426
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