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27th December 2009 01:16 AM
novice w/ some questions

hi i am just wondering i got two small goldfish... can i keep other fish together with it...? i rmb hearing goldfish like to be just themselves... as my tank is a bit big for the fish so thinking of adding some other fish in..
22nd December 2009 11:42 PM
eric b 125 sailors of similar size to me sail boards in the 140 range... give or take. a lot of these dudes have several boards, and many rigs, so they can change their setups according to the wind.
22nd December 2009 11:36 PM
If most of the sailors on your local lake are rigging 7.0-10.5 sails on what appears to be 145 liter boards then a 133 liter board may be too small for you. Are the other sailors smaller then you, your size or much bigger then you? If they are much bigger then you then going down to the 133 would make sense. If the other sailors are not bigger then you then I think you should look for something larger then the 140 liter range if you decide to go with a different sized board.

22nd December 2009 07:34 PM
eric b 125 joe_windsurfer: first let me thank you for sending me this way! i've gotten a lot of info here as well as the other forum. i had one hell of a time trying to find windsurfing forums that had active users to get info from.

i'm in no rush to buy, because like you said, i still have months until the lake thaws! i'd love to head south for a little, but i'm in nursing school right now and my next break isnt until april. i would like to get the board relatively soon, only because i see online stores selling out of them quickly.

there are no w/s shops around pittsburgh... there's simply not a high enough demand around here. i've learned, through my saltwater hobby, that the best place to get information is from hobbists (or in this case windsurfers) who are not looking to get commission on a sale. i could be wrong as far as this sport goes, but so far i've gotten some great information.

i was thinking of considering a 133 if the 144's are sold out. but at my weight ~90kg, my experience level, and the fact that i do most of my sailing in pittsburgh where there isnt tons of wind all the time, i think the 144 would be my best bet. i get the impression it will be big enough for my novice sea-legs, but agile enough for when i am able to throw it around. i guess i have a fear of going too small. considering i am upgrading from a 20 year old 12', 248 L beast, a 144 seems tiny in comparison.
22nd December 2009 06:51 PM
joe_windsurfer hey...

just re-read an article in windsport on boards in the 130 range

perhaps you could consider futura 133 ?? or isonic 131 ??
since you are already an aggressive snowboarder

if you are crazy like me - snowfer or windski and start in the winter
22nd December 2009 04:38 AM
joe_windsurfer hey eric B
also saw your post on windsurf mag
it was i who suggested this site to you ....

one question - what is the rush to buy ??
you have months to surf the web, non ??

if you find a local w/s shop , they will have price-less info!!!

also, some more technical details - not just ANY mast goes with the sail
it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase the matching mast with sail

and as i stated, sailworks 7.0 works with a 490 as well
for me my go-to sail @ 100 kg is my MauiSails Pursuit 8.5 in 20 to 40 kph
each person and each location has different criteria
@ same beach i saw a fellow use a 4.x sail in huge winds
i did NOT go out that day - way too much for me

chatting on-line is one thing, but discussions @ the beach and @ the w/s shop helped me immensely
some places have training/courses - or if you have the funds, now is the time to go SOUTH
there are spots set up for just that - w/s and more w/s
nothing is guaranteed and my w/s guy told me about one year where it did not blow @ all %^&*
he never knew his w/s customers could swear so much and drinks got expensive:-)
all that to say - keep reading , asking and try before you bite - if you can
(although one cannot knock the Futura !!! nor the iSonic for that matter)
22nd December 2009 03:13 AM
eric b 125 perfect... now if only they're not sold out in 3 weeks...
21st December 2009 10:01 PM
Roger Hi Eric,
21st December 2009 06:54 PM
eric b 125 it will be okay on a roof rack in a bag, though, wont it?
21st December 2009 10:40 AM
Roger Hi Eric b,
The Futura line of boards are quite good. I don't thnk you can go wrong with
the Futura 141 and your skill level.
The Futura will be more fragile than your old Ultra Cat, but if you take good care of
it (most damage occurs off the water except for nose dings from catapaults), keep it
in a bag to minimize transport damage, it will serve you well.
Hope this helps,
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