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7th February 2010 07:48 AM
steveC To save some money, I would recommend going with the aluminum extension. I have to say though, I wouldn't go with aluminum when considering a boom.

Regarding the masts you're talking about, you never mentioned the mast sizes. You could save a ton of money if you could use a 460cm for both sails. That might mean going for a longer extension for the 8.5, but with the money saved you could always buy a shorter extension for the 6.5.

You know, I would contact either Kevin or Matt Pritchard at their website to learn a bit more. Both of these guys will let you know exactly where to be on this.
5th February 2010 06:24 AM
eric b 125 since this was the first time i've ever bought equipment i thought it would just be a good idea to order complete rig packages. the 6.5 pilot rig package wasnt sent out yet, so if there is another route i should take for a smaller sail, please let me know. i just figured that it would be best for the next few years to have equipment that will handle a wider variety of sizes of sails. when i graduate, i plan on upgrading everything again anyways.

either way, will the 28 cm be okay with both rigs? if that's the case then i might as well order the carbon...
4th February 2010 06:34 AM
eric b 125 thanks for the responses guys. i'd have loved to be able to get a mast with a higher carbon content, but i thought it was more important to get two different rigs and being a college student i dont have tons of loot. i figure these two sails and a futura 144 will be an excellent place to start.
4th February 2010 04:25 AM
steveC No problem going with a 28cm extension given your needed adjustment range. I regularly use my 28cm Chinook RDM extensions (I have both carbon and aluminum versions) at 28cm with no problem. Earlier, when I was using comparable Fiberspar carbon SDM extensions, again no problems. The pertinent point to remember is that extensions are made to use at the highest point of extension, yet they also include the extra minimum length needed that inserts into the mast to ensure a proper bearing surface.

As an aside, the carbon content of the masts you noted are quite low, and as a result, they will be heavy and not offer very active responsive response, especially when using larger sails like the 8.5. Also, you lose a notable degree of the sails' designed range, particularly at the high end. Really, you might want reconsider going with 75% carbon masts and gain a significant performance improvement, but still maintain great durability. More expensive? Certainly, but in my opinion, worth every penny.
3rd February 2010 08:20 AM
Mike T Eric
I'll guess that your getting a 490/29 for the 8.5 and a 460/25 for the 6.5 sail. I would probably go with the two extensions vs one long one ( one short and one med). The reason is most mast manufactures give a limit to how much extension should go up into the mast and how far to extend a mast for bigger sails (because it puts the booms outside the reinforced boom area). Like using a 460 with big extension on a sail that requires a 480 or longer mast it can work but not ideal. As far a carbon vs aluminum you trim a little bit of weight but not much if you go with the shorter extensions, Also the weight is down low so you probably won't notice it all that much. I use carbon ext. for 8.5 to 6.0 and short aluminum from 5.5 down to 3.7, most of my sail are in the 12 to 24cm of extension length. Also if you get two you can rig the 8.5 and if the wind picks up you can rig the 6.5 without taking the 8.5 completely apart to rig the 6.5. Hope this helps! Michael
3rd February 2010 07:00 AM
eric b 125
mast extension question

i just ordered a gaastra matrix 8.5 w/ chinook triple clamp boom and reflex 30% carbon mast. this will require a 26 cm extension.

also ordered was a pilot 6.5 rig w/ reflex 20% carbon mast that will require a 6 cm extension.

will there be a huge difference b/w the aluminum and carbon extensions? also, can i get away with ordering one extension, either 28 cm or 48 cm for both rigs ( i was leaning towards the 48 cm)? thanks in advance for the help!


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