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19th February 2010 07:51 PM
Farlo Sorry I made no copy, only kept in my memory. Best would be to have it published on this site again.
19th February 2010 12:09 AM
Jan W Farlo, how do you know the content? It is exactly,what I meant. By the way, I did an attempt
to ask Peter Hart to write an article. Would be nice if the old article from Drake and maybe from Peter will come soon. You have no copy of the article isn't it? Otherwise you could send me an reprint somehow. Shall I also do an request to Toni?
18th February 2010 11:36 PM
Farlo Yes the article was exactly about this: balance of weight and sail drag/lift, fin & hull hydrodynamic drag/lift. Full of vectors and torques but explained so clearly that it was pleasant to read. With some mechanical background you understand better the impact of mast base or footstraps position, amongst other things. Hope they will post it again.
17th February 2010 07:06 PM
Jan W Hi Guys, thanks for your reactions. I have put my question on the free forum, because there is the best interaction .Peter Hart's Forum is also an option. I think he would be a good teacher , but I do not know how to involve him.( Maybe an new thread on his forum?).Agrelon thanks for your article.I am familiar with it. Still I like to know more in a sheet, where the weight remains. Like in school with vectors to understand what is the best position to hang out. Hopefully I can than understand when you have to use your in/out board settings instead of this comes by the way of the surfing style. Hopefully my English
is good enough to understand my answer. And Farlo; Jim Drake would be the best candidate,
because he has been involved in the old school( windsurfer) and the new school( SB). So he
really knows everything about windsurfing. Let's ask him to make an update of his latest article.
17th February 2010 08:06 AM
agrelon I believe that a higher boom will allow you to plane earlier because in being higher allows you to pull down more on it, transferring more of your weight onto the mast base and off of your feet. Getting weight onto the mast base helps keep the board flat and makes it more efficient through the water, ultimately planning faster. Also, in getting weight off of your feet, especially on smaller boards, you're less likely to make the tale sink slightly, which would add resistance and make you start planing slower.

This discussion about fin size/weight also happened earlier on the forum and I believe that the conclusion reached was basically that fin sizes were more closely linked to sail sizes as for the same wind a heavier sailer will need a bigger fin not because he is heavier but because he is using a bigger sail.

This is a great article about how putting more weight on the mast base is beneficial to your overall sailing:


Hope this helps.
17th February 2010 04:31 AM
joe_windsurfer you got my vote

okay folks @ SB - please post that info once again
how about another FAQ section ?
or put it in the Peter Hart section

thx in advance
17th February 2010 12:19 AM
Farlo A few years ago there was an article from Jim Drake on this website. Although not as much detailed as you want it was an excellent introduction, explaining very well the various forces and factors at play. Unfortunately it has been withdrawn circa 2006 and I was unable to retrieve it. I placed a few requests to Tony the Webmaster but without success. Hey Folks, what about joining together and asking Starboard to post it again?
16th February 2010 06:54 PM
Jan W
Windsurf theory.

It is no windsurfing time in Holland, due to the cold weather and the ice on the lakes. So I like to spend my time in reading about windsurfing. The theory I found till so far was always very old. But I like to know,what is the reason why you have to raise your boom to plane earlier
in the same conditions or to put your mastfoot back. Is it also possible to raise your boom and
put your mastfoot forward to compensate it? An other point is bodyweight. How can I understand what happens, if we compare f.e. two persons , which differs in weight.What happens by using smaller or bigger fins ,according to position boom hight f.e. to have the same speed. All comtent is useful. I am grateful for tips to find the answers on the web.

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