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9th April 2010 11:16 PM
Hickory Farlo,
I do not remeber the mast position on the track but I must have pushed it all the way forward as much as it could go. I use a double bolt base system and if you have single pin than you should be able to move it even closer to the nose. You should be fine with 7.3 and 36 fin.
9th April 2010 02:13 PM
Farlo Hi Andrew, thank you for the story. Unfortunately since three weeks I had either marginal conditions for 7.3 or overpowered for 6, so I could not try this combination. I will test the ST104 with 7.3 mē and 36 cm fin (works fine on my Exo CC103). My bigger fin is 43 cm and may be way too large. Do you remember whether you had to adjust the mast track?
9th April 2010 07:53 AM
Hickory As far as pushing the ST104 to the limits I have an interesting story for you.
Last year, when I still had my Carve 121 (currently replaced with Futura122) I tried an experiment which was not completely intentional.
I let my friend to take my Carve with 6.5 while I was standing on the shore and watching.
I had also my 8m Retro rigged and my ST104 with True Aims 36cm weed fin sitting on the shore and I was thinking that I wish I had something decent to sail myself. Then an idea came to my head, why not to try my 8.0 on ST104. But from my experience on the Carve, for this sail I needed 44cm fin otherwise I was spinning the tail on 36cm. Than I thought, what the heck, I have nothing to lose and I tried this setup.
Surprisingly, I had no any problem with spinning and was comfortably zipping back and forth enjoying jibes. I tried it many more times and always loved it but since I got my Futura I want to use my 8.0 on on this board.
26th March 2010 06:46 PM
Farlo Hopefully tomorrow as wind is coming. It might not make a big difference because I set the mast 3/4 forward already. Some time ago I tried to oversize my old Tiga 270 (x53 cm) and it was not very fun, though the mast track is waaay forward compared to modern boards. What made me think mast track tuning is not so critical is the fact that one single position can accomodate so many sails. But your trials suggest something else: the sensitive zone where the behaviour varies a lot may be located much further back. Will try this setting as well and the mystery may be over.
26th March 2010 03:34 AM
kiwiben hey farlo, did you try tricking your ST104 into accepting the 7.3m yet? We may be onto a revolution here!

Anyway, yesterday I tried fully forward using a 5.9m sail. It seemed pretty normal... then I put it all the way back and it sucked a bit... more weight on the back foot needed to keep going... a bit like the day I used my 9m...
25th March 2010 07:10 PM
Farlo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Yes it reminds me the debate around fin position 20 years ago, before it was blown away by current boxes. I think that it doesn't really matter for the average sailor, or in other words there should be a neutral position which you don't need to adjust for every sail. But you read competitors advising to move it one cm back or forth, and this will change the behaviour of the board totally. Don't get me wrong: it SHOULD matter (on paper) but so far I've not been able to catch the importance of the thing (on water).
25th March 2010 05:32 AM
kiwiben Thanks Farlo...

Yes I have tried fully forward with more sensible sail sizes. It feels fine... no problems but no benefit that I can see.To be honest where I sail is a bit gusty and patchy to really understand what happens when I move the mast foot. It never seems to make a huge difference. I am only an intermediate sailor too, which doesn't help I guess...

This time with the 9m sail is the only time I have really noticed a big effect. It really helped equalise the weight distribution into both feet.

As an aside, I have seen on this forum people saying totally opposite things about moving the mast foot forward or back. It would be interesting to try a board with a 1 metre long mast track to take it to extremes, just to see what the hell it is supposed to do...
25th March 2010 12:44 AM
Farlo Interesting. A few weeks ago there was a post about mast track tuning. "Conclusion" was that for a given board one mast position can accomodate all sails. This is why *board gives recommendation for this as well. Presumably it can vary a little bit following strap settings and ride style. Another 100 Kg sailor said he puts the mast forwards whatever the sail size. In your case you went over recommended sail range but... have you tried this setting with smaller sails?

In another category (68 Kgs) I would like to use 7.3 mē on a ST104. Most people say 7 is the absolute max. Maybe would work with mast all the way forward.
22nd March 2010 11:23 AM
kiwiben oh yeah... is 9m too big for that board? I am 100kg...
22nd March 2010 04:03 AM
I think I tricked my Carve 121...

Yesterday I was using a 9m North IQ sail on my carve 122. To keep it going I had to have all my weight on the back foot. Not much fun.

I don't know much about this sort of thing but I thought to myself maybe this is right on the limit of how big a sail this board can handle. I figured a bigger board would be more suitable but I didn't have one.... so in a burst of pure genius I moved the mast foot forward all the way.

My theory was that this tricked my board into thinking it was another 5cm longer. This gave the board the confidence to stand up to that big bully of a sail. They would come to an uneasy truce and decide to work together...

Anyway, it worked. I went real fast and had a much better time than if I'd had my bigger board.

My question: umm... I forgot, sorry...

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