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6th July 2010 02:19 PM
Philip Totally agree with Maximus that the HS will carry a good sized sail in strong conditions. Hyper though is a balancing act - need sufficient fin and sail to get it flying, but past a point when drag sets in with the sail / fin it is time to change down and go faster. Go down a fin size first then the sail if it seems you are hitting the wall too soon. Anyway that is this punters take on the HS - great sailing but as Maximus says likes to be tuned.
6th July 2010 01:06 PM
Maximus Depends a lot on your sail types, I am commenting more on race or free race sails.
6th July 2010 11:24 AM
kiwiben That sounds awesome guys, I will do it all next session... thanks for your time and thought, much appreciated...

One question though... If my 5.9m was beautifully powered up, wouldn't a 7.5 have been overpowered? That is probably a dumb question... but I have been operating under the belief that sail size is governed purely by windspeed and adjusted for bodyweight. I got this belief from using James Douglass's sail calculator. If this is not the case then this is truly a useful revelation for me... thanks again
6th July 2010 07:15 AM
Maximus Hey Kiwiben

To answer your questions, I believe its a combination of all those things, unfamiliar, poor fin and tuning. Ideally when you get a new toy, best to aim for moderate conditions, where you can tune your gear. Volume isnt a problem


Mark is right about the stock fins, not that great, and the small one should have been 34cm, if its chopped down, it will be worse than the original. get yourself a venom 34 for your 5.9 to 7m sails.


As the tail width of the hyper is significantly larger, you will need a higher boom (At least nipple height for you) & longer lines (26-30", adjust slightly backwards of where you would use for your carve, gets the rig more upright and away from you) to get the same sailing position as the carve. . A wider tail means you can also carry larger fins and sails. You can run a 8.6 comfortably on the hyper. Set your mast base on the centre position, downhaul your sail to max, control the power by adjusting your outhaul. Most likely if your using a 5.9 on your carve, odds are you could be using a 6.5+ on your hyper. (bigger tail requires more power, ie larger sail in same conditions)

Here is a guide as to what fin sail combos will work for you:


Personally I would be ringing its neck with the 2 larger sail sizes, before using the smaller ones. There is no reason why you cant do 31/32 knots off the wind with a 8.6 on it.
6th July 2010 06:21 AM
mark h Hi Ben, the original HS fin was a weird looking one, easy to use, but not to quick. The two stock HS fins were 34cm and 42cm (i think). Your venom will take the HS up a gear or two for sure. HS likes plent of downhaul two get it to fly. And it not to heavy on the back foot. Then you will be fast
6th July 2010 05:50 AM
kiwiben well, turns out i can't move the rear footstraps inboard, there are no screw holes.

But I had a great session yesterday anyway. I just have to get the back foot in first before the speed gets too high.

But all you HS fans out there, I have some dire news: Yesterday's session was in outstanding conditions. Smooth, strong (perfectly to slightly over powered on my 5.9m sail) wind. I started on the Carve 121 to assess the wind, then got the Hyper out of the van. The Carve had been flying at good speed (about 31knots) so I was hoping for something special once I got on the Hyper. Unfortunately I couldn't seem to make it scream. I had a few crashes but that was expected, getting used to the new board. It went fast, and smooth, and high, but even on my good runs it didn't seem to really fly. After half an hour I got back on the Carve for a comparison and it was instantly obvious I was going about 4 knots faster, and with better control.

I will not blame the Hyper for this, as it is surely a faster board, or people would have been winning slalom events on carves back then.

So what do people think caused my slowness? Unfamiliarity? Not enough volume for such a big lump of meat like me? The fin? (my carve has a beautiful 42cm c3 venom, the HS has 30cm dodgy looking drake fin that looks like the tip has been chopped off square, although I believe they came like this with the hypers...)
30th June 2010 07:05 AM
kiwiben thanks Maximus, I'll do it now and see how it goes...
29th June 2010 04:20 PM
Maximus I would reccomend running the front and back straps in the middle setting. In regards to the back strap, best to start with the inboard setting until you get used to sailing it, then down the track try the outboard setting again. However with size 13 feet, this may be the only reasonable setting.
28th June 2010 10:04 AM
kiwiben I have used the Hyper, I have seen the light... unfortunately it was in gusty (to put it lightly) conditions, going from 2-45 knots every 20 seconds. But, in those 20 second bursts of wind I can report I found it easy to control, it pointed very high when asked, and any chop just seemed to melt away as I hit it. Top speeds were impressive the few times I managed to get my back foot in the straps before either the wind stopped or my heel clipped the water and sent me into a catastrophic failure of geometric orientation (crash).

Great news, it came unexpectedly with an awesome board bag and a mast base and extension. US$250 all up.

Question to all you good guys out there: Should I move my back straps one setting further inboard? I have massive size 13 feet (perfectly in proportion with the rest of me... settle down ladies...) and wear booties. I managed ok, but usually only by putting the back foot in first. Otherwise my heel would drag in the water to disastrous effect if it happened when I was already planing...
11th June 2010 03:43 PM
mark h Ha, only joking

Enjoy the HS
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