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2nd September 2006 12:00 PM
Ian Fox
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Ned 321,

The iS50 will be competitve in pure speed from aproximately 20 kts + for your weight. The threshold (crossover) is obviously influenced by water conditions and wind "quality" (how solid) at that speed, plus of course the rider's skill/tuning etc.

As an estimate, these factors could influence the threshold +/- 2kts, I would be very suprised if you were not faster (in pure speed) on the iS50 by 22 (true) kts windspeed. Flat water will allow higher top end speeds, so at these higher speeds the effective apparent wind speed in the speed run will be higher, and thus the isS50's efffective threshold can be (a little) lower ambient wind in super flat conditions. Make sense?

iS50 will be at the ESM for test/trial etc courtesy of Martijn from Fox Sports, so hopefully you get a chance to check it our first hand..

Cheers ~ Ian
29th August 2006 06:05 PM
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your thorough response.

One additional question: iSonic 50 vs iSonic87 for speed.

I sails mostly at Strand Horst NL which (as you probably know) is an easy speed-spot. Lighter winds than coastal speedspots but flatter water (when the weed is there). My weight 88 kgs.

Up to a certain windspeed, small(ish) slalomboards are faster than pure speedboards.
Considering flat water, from what windspeed do you expect (or know) the iSonic 50 to be faster than the iSonic 87?
28th August 2006 01:42 PM
Ian Fox
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi NED321,

With the iS50 we have a very efficient (aspect ratio) on the back (planing) area of the board; this is combined with a very secure and balanced longitudinal trim, especially at speed. I'm a bit hesitant to say the iS50 is loose, but a defining characteristic is the ability to absolutely hammer this board as hard as you can,especially in less than perfect conditions. While iS50 will be capable of being competitive on The Ditch, the primary objective was to maximize competitive speed in "real world" speed conditions ;one of the key design criteria is to deliver serious control at top end, with the focus on a strong ability to eat (speed course) chop fully (or over) lit without disturbing the rider too much (physically) or their concentration from more significant tasks at hand.. Those familiar with the flat trim of the larger iS boards already released would appreciate the concept of distilling the iS type ride into a speed board.
In testing the iS showed significant "chuckability" at serious speed, certainly not something you would consider to normally try - or even rate on a speed board, but definitely something it can deliver - and there are many situations in real world speed where that is a very useful feature - and advantage if you really want to push the envelope and live to tell the tale.

Despite its small/er size (c/w Warp, M-2 etc), the iS also has very comparable early planing, good upwind angle (not a core speed feature but again very useful on the day.)

Yes, no doubt iS will cruise 40kts with your eyes fully shut ~ and even more with them open. In general, it is not hypersensitive to trim angle, however being 1) a fairly small board and 2) basically flat bottom, there is definitely some ultimate top end gain by being ultra attentive to the trim angle. (that's to say, we could make it even less sensitive to absolute trim angle for some small loss of efficency, but, hey, in the end, it's more about speed than casual blasting..)

Cheers ~ Ian
24th August 2006 06:28 PM
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Ian,

Still some questions about the iSonic 50.
BTW: I currently have a Missile II.

What is the influence of the difference in shape of the iSonic (compared to other serial-build speedboards) on board behaviour?
On the products page it says the tail is wider and squarer, and max width is narrower. So the tail is straighter.

Small slalom/speed boards can differ on how "free" they are on the water.
Some brands are "skitterish" ie very free but also nervous. Other boards are more locked-in. On a scale from loose to locked-in; Exocet often described very locked-in; Starboard traditionally looser but still quite locked; F2 and Fanatic very loose.
IMO this determines the degree to which you can just close your eyes and "put-the-pedal-to-the-metal" or need to be ultra-attentive.

How would you describe the most striking differences in characteristics between iSonic 50 and the other serial-produced speedboards?
22nd August 2006 02:51 PM
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Thank you Ian. Your guidance is much appreciated
22nd August 2006 11:09 AM
Ian Fox
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Philip,

Thanks, that extra info makes a difference ; gusty inland conditions, freshwater and flat water all are classic indicators for "one board size bigger" (than typical). With a sailing style also emphasizing upwind range and speed, that is another classic pointer to taking the bigger iS101 rather than smaller iS94 option. In that mode there are a number of advantages to iS101. If you were in solid, fully filled in wind conditions, flat water and going for broad, downwind speed, it would be the other story. With 6.5m and 7.8m, you are certainly well in the iS101 sweetspot (esp considering all of your specific conditions etc.) Advance with confidence.

Hi Ed,

Sure. Yes, the 230 is definitely based on a lot of input from C3 speed fin development, and here (and on the fin) we'll give Boogie the credit for that ! Basically most of the hi speed testing for the iSonic X / iSonic 50 and other derivative protos has been done using fins either of C3 manufacture or based heavily on the C3 concept. We made a number of versions in BKK and trialled them all specifically at ThePiT. The pure custom fins are very impractical to reproduce in "production"; yes, we tried but it really is such a personal craft and design tolerances are so specific and fine that it is very hard (near impossible) to translate perfectly. The production 230 is a hybridized version, built using production moulds, materials and custom layups, falling short of the full custom (C3) technology and finish, but optimized to give a very good performance in the iS50. The "esoteric" (steveC) nature of those fins is bound to be a little controversial, even problematic to some users, or conditions- and for that reason it was decided to also supply a more regular small SlalomPro28 fin additionally with each is50, which gives owners both an option and/or the advantage of a regular fin for more conventional or marginal condition use - plus the bonus of the speed fin if/when they really want to push it.

Hi steveC,

Check the user list (boogie). Yep. That's the one. And still very involved in windsurfing, design and carbon etc. he's still very much involved - although a lot less public than the NZ days. And yes, he now lives (short term) in Switzerland and no he doesn't work for AHD. But that was a good joke. We'll leave it to him to comment further (or not) as he chooses. "Well made" and "esoteric" are definitely the right words.

Cheers ~ Ian
22nd August 2006 05:53 AM
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Ed,

A comment you made above interested me, and I was hoping you could expand a bit, if possible. You said:

"I love these fins, and now that he has moved, I think someone should produce these masterpieces."

Has Boogie turned to a different focus other than windsurfing fin design? I know that he was one of the premier designers and manufacturers of windsurfing fins. While I don't have any of his fins, I'm aware that they were well made and very esoteric in nature. Can you expand on this?

22nd August 2006 05:31 AM
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply. The sails that work best for me in my local freshwater and flatwater spot with its gusty wind conditions, are 6.5 and 7.8m. I seek out winds averaging about 18 knots. Enjoy close and broad reaching, gybing and the challenge of going fast to windward (indeed where I sail this is pretty well mandatory anyway).
22nd August 2006 05:28 AM
ed sinofsky
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Ian

Could you tell us more about the 'drake" 230. Is this a version of one of Boogie's C3 designs? I love those fins, and now that he has moved, I think someone should produce these masterpieces. Will they be available separately? The control and slippery feel of the X1 is unreal........

thanks: I am one of your admirers, both of your speed and spirit.

ed sinofsky
21st August 2006 06:12 PM
Ian Fox
RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Philip,

Sorry, quite a few sail sizes/wind conditions mixed in this discussion.

In general, yes the iS101 is a good allround choice for a lighter rider, however that choice would move the sweetspot for that board(sail) combo down the wind range c/w a 95kg rider on the same setup.
(Setting sail size aside - when it's ideal for 95kg on iS101, the 70kg guy is most likely better on iS94 and so on.).

If you clarify your sail range, wind+water conditions/ intended ride style (slalom race/blasting/speed) etc for this board a bit more, we'll be able to provide a more accurate recommendation.

Thanks and Cheers ~ Ian
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