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26th September 2010 06:31 PM
Nicci I do weigh a bit more than you, but Iīve used 7.5 as the biggest sail on F111-09, and it works great with that.
Donīt know about 8.5 though, seems a bit too big IMO.
24th September 2010 10:28 PM
greyghost Thank you both for your advice. It's good information to know that my 145 liter Carve is more similar to the 133 Futura. ie making a move from that board to the 122 wouldn't be a huge difference.

Sounds like the best board for me would be the 101 Futura. Maximus suggestion of using the 7.0 on both boards makes a lot of sense in extending the wind range of that particular set up. Also being able to use a 5.0 on the Futura makes sense.

I'll plan on keeping the Carve, working on my technique and trying to force myself to use my F2 while keeping an eye out for good deals on a FU 101.

thanks again
24th September 2010 08:23 PM
Farlo Recommended sail ranges are somewhat optimistic. Max sizes are good for light and min sizes for heavy sailors. At your medium weight you should be fine with 8.5 on FU-122 (max = 9.0) and 5.0 on FU-101 (min = 4.5). But Maximus is right: if you like your Carve, just keep it. Carve 145 and FU-101 will be a great combo. IMHO you will no longer need your F2.
24th September 2010 06:18 AM
Maximus Hi Greyghost

When picking a board you can usually take off the maximum and minimum sail size reccomendations as being practical to use. You can use them, but its not very efficient and will feel not so good. They are there in my opinion if you decide to have only one board. Most windsurfers discover 2 boards are the minimum, although a few of my mates like 7.

Your Carve 145, in Futura sizing would be equivalent to a F133. I suggest you keep your carve. IMHO sail size determines board size and with a 8.5 as your biggest you will need one of those 2 boards.

As your second board, I would reccomend the F101. It will take the 7.0 nicely, and will be great with a 6.5 and 5.5m. Once you become used to the F101, then the step to your F2 will be easier.

Having your 7m rigged with the Carve and F01, will give you a great wind range without rigging another sail!

The F2 is a great high wind, rough water option for you with sails 5.5 and less.

Also if your extremely happy with a board, dont sell it! A lot of people make the mistake of selling something they like, to find the replacement is a let down. Sounds to me like the Carve is helping you progress quickly, so keep it up.

I'm sure you will really like the F101.
23rd September 2010 11:19 PM
greyghost hi Farlo,
thanks for the advice.
a couple follow up questions:

1) realistically, can one use a 8.5 sail on the FU 122 comfortably? Having a FU 122 and later a smaller used board would be more attractive than a three board solution, however I've been extremely happy and comfortable with my Carve 145 in light winds with a 7.0 and 8.5 Retro. I wouldn't want to have to struggle with a 8.5 on a 122 liter.

2) can a FU 111 realistically handle a 5.0 sail? If so I could comfortably sail it 5.0 to 7.0 and keep the carve for 7.0 and 8.5

23rd September 2010 02:21 PM
Farlo Your quiver is quite large for the mono-board option. I don't think any board can be fun with sails from 4.2 to 8.5 - though some claim so. You would be frustrated at both ends. 30 L is usually a good gap. If you keep the Carve then FU-111 is on the safe side. FU-101 is fine if you're a bit more adventurous. There is enough overlap with the Carve and it should take your 5 m≤ as well. Replacing the Carve by FU-122 is not a bad idea either. You could get a ~90 L second hand board later for your small sails, as you don't use them very often. Tacking on short boards requires different techniques, so it may not be as stable as you wish at the beginning. Good thing that you can waterstart.
23rd September 2010 12:04 AM
Help deciding Futura 101 vs 111

Iíve pretty much decided that a Futura should be my next board, just a matter of the 101 vs the 111 liter or 122 ( less likely)

Background. Iím an intermediate sailor. 73 KG. Have a 2005 145 liter Carve and a 2000 103 liter 277 F2 Ride (59 cm wide). I can waterstart, harness, get in the straps, tack my 145 liter board, working on planning through jibes. I sail in flat water and a little chop, no waves though that would be fun down the road. I usually sail the 145 liter with a 8.5 or 7.0 sails. Sometimes a 6.0 with smaller fin Unfortunately havenít had the best timing or time to get on the 103 liter board to use a 6.0 or 5.0, but Iíve found that the board hasnít been the most stable, esp for tacking.

So mainly sailing 6.0 and up. Very occasionally 5.0, very rare 4.2
Goals are getting on the smaller board more often and being more stable and comfortable.
Learning to tack the lower volume board. Uphauling occasionally. I donít want to buy another board only to have it sit in my garage like the F2.

Futura 101: 65.5 cm wide, sails 4.5-7.5
Futura 111: 68 cm wide, sails 5-8.0
Futura 122: 72 wide, sails 5.5-9.0

So my options are:
1)keep the 145 liter Carve for light winds and buy a 101 F for stronger winds. However can you really sail a 7.0 (or alternatively a 4.2) on this board with different fins? Will it be that much more stable than my 59 cm wide F2 ride?

2)Buy a 111 Futura which should handle most of my sailing. I think at more volume and quite a bit wider than my F2 this would noticeably more stable. However, Iím wondering if Iím limiting my high wind 4.2 potential daysvs the 101 liter F? Also, would I be able to float a 8.5 on thisÖif so, this could become my one and only board and sell the Carve

3)Buy a 122 Futura as my one and only board, sell the 145 CarveÖhowever, this would limit my high wind options even further.

4) do nothing, force myself to have more time on my current 103 liter board.

Thanks for the advice.

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