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11th January 2007 10:14 PM
RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

i guess the post before this one says it all. have fun and dont worry about protmotion.
but by the simple fact of keeping it simple you do promote the sport and that is what i am getting at.
we will try and just set the days we are going to do this and go do it . see who comes out beers and barbecue after etc etc and we will see how its goes !!
the harbour is frozen up now so its just an idea at this point.B)
11th January 2007 09:15 AM
RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

we are start'n a new international race'n class here in MiaMe. It's called the No Class.

Bring whatever you can float with some kind of sail (or kite). Pick a couple of marks on the water. Go around them. finish, score, have a beer. Right now weekends are better, cuz it's dark by 5:30. If there's not gonna be enough wind to even move, we all know the race is canceled for that week. I think the key is do'n it on the same day and time.

Just do it to have some fun. Forget about spectators and promoting the sport.

When others see folks have'n some fun, that's all it takes.

Let's us know if you would like to purchase some Internationaly registered No Class equipment.
We have a large surplus.
10th January 2007 11:36 PM
RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

Hi Guest,

I agree with others who have suggested longboards are the way to go. In light winds the differences in performance among different brands of longboards are relatively small compared to differences in sailor skill, so you should have reasonably fair and exciting racing even if you can't put together a one-design fleet.

If you do go the one design route, Prodigies aren't bad, and unlike Mistral One Designs they are good boards for beginners of all types to learn on. Even though they're not as fast in light winds as narrower boards, they go upwind well because of their thick, hard rails and parallel outline. My grad school's sailing club has two, and I have found that they are pretty evenly matched with keelboats in light winds, and of course much faster once on a plane. I have only had a little experience on the Exocet Kona, but they also seem like a good one-design option, and they are cheap for new boards.

I'm sure newer hybrids from brands like Starboard are better than the prodigy, but you probably can't afford them.

Unless you are focusing more on beginner-instruction than racing, I would avoid super-wide beginner boards with rounded outlines and small center fins. So no to GO and START.

Good luck, and keep on trying even if you're not very successful at first!
10th January 2007 10:49 PM
RE: reclaiming the stoke

thanks for the imput guys... the points are well taken..
tyring to keep the stoke thru a warm and snowless ( ie : no skiing to speak of )
trying tog et a few IMCOS would be the best option for a cheap entry level board for all involved... prodigys may be a bit more prciey remeber used stuuff not new we are talking here.
the starts are good boards but your right , there is no doubt in low wind they are dogs.
4th January 2007 04:57 PM
RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

We've been racing twilights for 25 years or more. Current fleet most weeks, 20-30 or more in the main event, plus kids (5-10 under 15) and beginners (2-5).

We tried the hybrids; not very exciting in the light winds you get most evenings. Longboards work well and with the Exocet Kona leading the way there's now a whole bunch to select from. As Guest says, the old IMCOs and Pan Ams etc are still good options; damn fast and under-rated by many sailors.

It's great fun. Plenty of people in the group came in from shortboards and now concentrate on longboards, because racing with your mates and then having wine and pizza afterwards is a brilliant way to spend an evening, and taking a longboard upwind is a beautiful feeling.
4th January 2007 07:32 AM
Del Carpenter
RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

Precision, or obstacle course sailing might be another activity that could be fun for experienced and beginning windsurfers. The course could require some stern first sailing, clew first sailing, very precise turns, etc. whatever shows off and requires all of the manuverability of a sailboard. Such a course works best in light or very light wind. Set the course very close to shore so spectators can easily see what is going on. Such a course does not require any organized start or any timers. It could be there for anyone to try as they have the opportunity. Or you could have designated start times and timers as in a race, but each sailor would have an individual start.

The first major problem with this suggestion is the number of markers required. They can be very small, like a gallon plastic jug, because the distances are very short.
3rd January 2007 11:32 PM
RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

I wasnt trying to be discuraging but realalistic.
If you dont have wind , racing is quite boring- its like getting your apline skies out and standing on the sidewalk waiting for things to happen.

Trying to schedule racing if you live outside a windy area can be downright discouraging. Tyring to sail a wide board in no wind is even more discouraging
We are a a sport dependant on the wind.
Longboards may be your best option for sub planning condition to windier conditions. Hybrids dont seem to work as well a longboard in light wind.
Theres probably a lot of 2nd hand longboards floating around that would make good club rboards
good luck
3rd January 2007 03:08 PM
RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

In that case there isn't much left to say, is there?

So what do you actually want from us? Boardtype? Any easy board with good low-wind and highwind aspects will suffice, and that will lead you to Start-like boards. B)
3rd January 2007 09:57 AM
RE: ideas

thanks for the comments
there will be no sugar daddy unfortunately..not yet
but as to racing , its not the racing aspect i want to promote its just setting an easy course and yes a small course would be better , with the idea that passsersby see people out sailing, and may be interested.
This is taking place in an area where there are alot of onlookers, that is key issue here.
the area is at a marina where keelboats and dingies are sailed there are dailiy concerts and kids activities sprread over a wide area bordering the lake, and quite a few people walk around.
the local windsurfing spot is not very well visited.
I know a girl who teaches dingy sailing at this area for the yacht cluib but , who also races lightinings, a class of dingy (in another separate group politically.) they the dingy sailors are a pretty gregarious group and i am hoping that i can make some type of collaboration with them.
2nd January 2007 09:13 PM
RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

Quite demotivating post, Guest. If this man is trying to make windsurfing more attractive (again?), then that should be encouraged and helped instead of sayin' he has no chance.

But making the sport more attractive may need some other sports / attractions to 'lure' the masses to go and watch at our beautiful sport! For instance, in my neighbourhoud there is a very small lake, not really suitable for windsurfing but what the organisation did was making a large event with skateboarding as the other extreme sport. Because the two sports were organised so closely together, the chances of getting nice sponosors and more public were increased too, and I bet some people started windsurfing after that event, or at least gotten a positive opinion about it
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