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17th June 2011 12:53 AM
BelSkorpio Yes, I have been at the Blue Horizon too the last 3 years with my son.
The Pro Centre is super.
I'll probably go again this year at the end of august.

Good Sailing to you too.
17th June 2011 12:31 AM
Floyd I know Rhodes is fantastic.Been to Blue Horizon a few times; sailed there from Pro Centre.They were great. They will sort all your kit out if you take it. (to and from airport/storage/rescue) (Easyjet carry kit quite cheaply)
Not been to Kos before ;I`ll let you know how we get on.
Will be hiring in Kos this year;my boards are for France.

Good Sailing

Rhodes next year ???
16th June 2011 11:50 PM
the Falcon (2010) is advertised as a "freerace" and the Ray Ltd is now more expensive (but neither faster nor much easier, I'm afraid).
I've got a Ray 125 of 2009. Not a bad board, but I found that I had quite a lot of spinouts with it.
My son is using it now.
16th June 2011 11:45 PM
I`m off to France soon and then onto Kos !!! (taking only 2 boards mind!!!)(Oh and 1 wife)
That means 3 women.

Floyd, do you also take your sails on the plane to Kos ?
I always find it a hustle and bustle.

I often go to Rhodos, where I always rent all the equipment (boards & sails).
Guess what, the boards are always freeriders.
16th June 2011 11:42 PM
Farlo "World cup history is littered with cases of standard production boards winning races." But what do they mean by production boards? It is a slalom shape from last year now on the market, or a freeride? Boundaries are no so clear: I've heard about the Hawk being used in competition, the Falcon (2010) is advertised as a "freerace" and the Ray Ltd is now more expensive (but neither faster nor much easier, I'm afraid).
16th June 2011 09:58 PM
Floyd Hi Ken
Its been warm but cooling down and raining loads but I`m off to France soon and then onto Kos !!! (taking only 2 boards mind!!!)(Oh and 1 wife)

Freeride V Slalom
"When one board cruises easily past another it is almost certainly due to a combination of sailor ability;sail type;size and set, and fin suitability.In our long experience of speed testing big board driven speed differences are extremely rare even between "competition" and "recreational" hulls.It comes down so much to control. Many modern freeride boards are easy to sail fast;and if you factor in boards being driven to the max with big sails and skilled sailors it should come as no surprise that fast freerides can and do compete with slalom designs.World cup history is littered with cases of standard production boards winning races."

Not my words. Lifted from Boards Mag test on fast Slaloms !!! Written by Bill Dawes

Good sailing.
16th June 2011 09:37 PM
Ken Floyd,

Yes, I have five boards, but one is 26 years old (Superlight) and the other is 15? years old (Tiga 263). Both are kept in the garage unless I think I can use them.

You ask if I had to take two boards for a trip, which would I choose. As I said, the HiFly 105 is the most fun, but where I was going would guide me to choose. Hard to say. However, in the mid 90's I went to Maui for the US Windsurfing Nationals. I took two boards, one smaller freeride and one larger course/slalom. Big mistake! The course racing was run in 8-12 knots. I never planed. I was a longboard racer, but didn't consider taking it for obvious reasons. One guy out of 200 had a longboard and smoked everyone. The boards I had worked OK for slalom and the long distance when the wind came up, but I didn't do very well. The long distance race was from Kahana to Ho'okipa and back. I was happy to have finished in the building 20-25 knot winds in 3 meter swells (a distant passing hurricane kicked up the swells).

I am all for freeride boards, plus I think that anyone reading these forums will understand that the iSonics and other dedicated race boards are NOT for everyone. I make this point often.

Good sailing in the UK - warming up a bit I expect.
16th June 2011 09:04 AM
Are Boards Like Women ?

One is best;easiest; simplest; cheapest.Most fun.But men being men we have to look for another. A faster/smaller/bigger/newer model .More like the ones in the mags ???

Two are double the cost of one with less than half the fun with either.You are already loosing out.One of them will now be too fast/small/big/new. It`s the most dangerous. You`re gonna get hurt one day soon !!!

Three is only a third more costly than two.But it`s now an obsession, a distraction, a nightmare.You haven`t a clue which one to choose and when you do its the wrong one.The best one is home.Costs are spiralling. (you now need a trailer ?) Likely as not, your best mate,the one who sailed somewhere else last weekend, is thinking of taking one of them off your hands and when he does you`ll think forever he got the best one !!!

You decide.

Belscorpio (and Ken) have at least 5 ??? (Boards that is;I hope)

Apolgies to female sailors; its having a go at men really !!!
16th June 2011 05:14 AM
BelSkorpio Yes, like in the UK, we don't have thermal winds. Too cold for that
In stead, winds caused by weather fronts. All directions, all forces.
Unpredictable on a long term, but not that bad on a short term (1-2 days max in advance).
Windguru is not that bad.

My best windsurf purchase ever was my trailer, 2 years ago. It carries 6 boards, lots of sails, booms and masts. When I go now to my favourite spots, I have always everything with me. Saves a lot of frustration.

I don't have much time during the week, but I think that I've had about 8 windsurfing weekends in a row containing at least 1 windsurfing day. Also the bank hollidays were generally good. It has been a good spring.

BTW, my Mistral Naish '85 wave board ain't a soft kitty neither.
16th June 2011 04:27 AM
Floyd I`m not being argumetitive Belscorpio its a genuine question.
How do you decide which boards to take when you go sailing. Conditions in Holland I would have thought similar to UK. ie unpredictable/fickle/ strong at times but every possible direction.Likely to drop even when strong. + poor forecasts ???
I notice you have 3 slalom boards ; a Formula plus a wave board and a freeride ???

I would struggle choosing which board/rig to get ready at beach let alone deciding what to take before I set off ???
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