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17th October 2011 07:12 PM
nakaniko Normally FFF. This because they teached me to waterstart with the back foot, as it seems to be right and common, and then if wind is strong, in few seconds I put the other foot in the straps, with no more steps around on the deck.
15th October 2011 10:18 PM
Pelegrin Ken - I am always happy windsurfing both with FFF and BFF!

95 % I use FFF but after this dialogue I pobably be a little bit more happy in rest 5 %! Best Regards /Pelegrin
12th October 2011 09:45 PM
Ken There was a heated debate on the iwindsurf.com forum on this issue and I wanted to gather additional input from a broader base, so that's why I posted the question here. However, the BFF postion basically came from one hard line guy that sails in the Gorge.

In a nut shell, what one does depends on skill/experience, equipment, type of sailing and conditions. There is no one absolutely correct answer.

My own experience is that 100% of the time, I put my FFF. I never get pulled or tossed over the front when doing this. I find that I plane up faster (keep the board flatter), feel more secure, plus I can keep the board planing longer in a hole with only the FF in the straps (when falling off plane, I pull the back foot and center it on the board). When I pump to get on plane, I do it before getting into the straps, once planing, I go for the front stap. However, I do pump with the front foot in the strap occasionally if trying to get through a hole without falling off plane.

If you are happy with the BFF, go for it if it works for you.
12th October 2011 05:27 PM
Farlo Maybe it doesn't matter that much when you're well powered, you will have enough speed/pressure on the fin to avoid spinout. Front foot first is probably better in light or unsteady breeze when you must help the board to get/keep planing or pump the sail. In such conditions going too fast in rear strap will most often slow down or stall the board.
12th October 2011 12:53 AM
Pelegrin I really can not see why You will find Yourself in a spinout-position when You are going to start planing with back foot first. The board is normally downwind position when You start. I was out on the water today and used back foot first to start planing in gusts, without beeing near any spinout-feeling. It is very easy when You have learn the tecnique and after some training You could even (in hard gusts) accelerate better with back foot first. If the conditions are easyer - use front foot first. If the conditions are ruffer - consider back foot first and You will automatically avoid catapulting.
5th October 2011 04:31 AM
Unregistered It must depend where your other foiot is ???

Its impossible to put front foot straight into strap from standing at our near mast foot; you`d be crossed over ! So you must step back towards rear strap with your back foot first. Question should be do you out it straight in at that point or somewhere infront to put front foot in...

Previous poster must be wearing clogs or hob nailed boots !!! Reckon you can put your back foot on tail of board without spinning out IF YOU ARE CAREFUL !!!

Being able to do both and knowing when to make right choice is way to go....
4th October 2011 01:40 PM
Unregistered If you put your back foot in first your going to putting presssure on it so this pressure will cause the board to spin out. Putting the front foot in helps control and stabalise the plane as one foot is in the straps so it does not cause any spin outs and you can put your back foot in
28th September 2011 10:26 PM
Pelegrin Normally, as most windsurfers, I put front foot first. In overpowered conditions I concider rear foot first to avoid the catapulte feeling when putting front foot first and then lifting backfoot to get in strap. It feels much safer to start with backfoot in hard conditions. Anyway I think it is good to have the choice and I recommend all mediate surfers to learn put back foot first:

If You donīt manage the two possibilities - You donīt have the choice!
22nd September 2011 04:55 AM
UnregisteredFloyd Still cant sign in !!!

Think its a bit simplistic to say back or front first without knowing where you are coming from (and what you are sailing) Any sailor going from slogging to straps doesnt do it in one simple step;its more of a process.There are instances when its simple but generally there is a couple of small steps towards the straps. In most cases I step towards back with rear foot placing it somewhere in front of rear strap;then place front foot in ;then if well powered put rear one in; so thats sort of front foot first??? But if I know I`m going to be well powered and front foot isnt too far forward I`ll put rear in first and then front soon after ???

If I`m over powered or its very rough I like to get back foot in first but I know I`m rear foot biased . Most instructors will tell you front foot first but I also think there are situations/sailor types where rear first is advantageous.. but there are few (if any?) situations where I would sail with front foot out and rear in but there are lots where I remove rear and place it mid board so it probably (???) makes sense to put front in first ? (You are already in a natural sailing position?) You arent with rear in front out ? But you are more likely to catapult with front in rear out ????

There are arguments for both ... Despite what it says in coaching manuals !!!

21st September 2011 05:36 PM
BelSkorpio I always put my front foot first, I guess like most of us.
In heavy overpowered conditions with huge chop I still put my front foot first, flirting sometimes with the catapult. Putting first the last foot in, would too often result in spinning out or stalling the board.
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