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19th January 2012 02:08 AM
Unregistered monocoque stucture needs little reinforcement for alot of strenght, add more layers of glass and you get very little actual structural gain with more weight.
the issue with the large phantom is lots of surface area to cover, an small increase of a laminate = a large increase in weight!
but saying this i bet a bit more weight wouldnt hurt for the small boards, but dont complain if a boards breaks after a smash against a rock or sailed over sunken refridgerators !

the phantom however is an all out raceboard , get the phantom 320 instead if you are worried about dings. my friend has a mistral equipe and a mistral superlight 2, the superlight two is fragile , way more then the equipe same shape but a wee bit less weight.
sailors it your choice!

18th January 2012 01:52 AM
crappy construction

Its not the color, starboard just makes crappy boards.
1st November 2011 06:44 AM
KC2684 Hmm. not sure what this has to do with ultra thin black boards, but...
The cars that were built like tanks indeed broke down and rusted away. Now, cars won't sell if they break down. Neither will boards if they have no durability. The truth will out.
The fashion thrust in boards is making them too expensive and at the same time less durable.
28th October 2011 10:39 AM
Philip May be not. In the early days of TV there was a thriving market for repair work. Like most things digital technology has brought more reliability and modular repair. Motor cars used to be built like tanks but still broke down (OK simple to fix, but often). Many products are junked while they still work because of newer designs or technological improvements including safety so at what point do we sweat the durability factor?
28th October 2011 09:09 AM
Unregistered Isn't this the trend happening to most things you buy these days? Tv, washing machine, fridge etc used to last 10 to 20 years. Now, you're lucky if they still work after the warranty period.

Maybe one day we will have cheap and disposable boards! Auto disintegrate after your vacation ;-)
28th October 2011 05:01 AM
Philip Black is the new colour. I don't mind black that has carbon content - seems authentic. Black is a good colour for wet suits in cold weather. But black cars that can't be seen on the road!
28th October 2011 02:11 AM
Pelegrin After some years building bords in the early 80:ties with stringers we found out that styrofoam 3 x glasfibre on top and 2 x glasfibre on bottom, epoxy and styrofoam was good enough. 25-30 years later you can say it definetly was, even without stringers. Weight between 7-8 kilos. What is the weight-problem?
26th October 2011 09:51 PM
Unregistered I have an New Waves costom built circa 1987.. Reckon its stronger than most boards currently on market,It has no carbon or Kevlar in it;in fact I don t think its even epoxy; think its a ployester lay up on glass fibre woven roving. Its not that heavy (8.5 k???) and you can distincly see the two stringers running its full lengthy. it was abused for at leat 5 years and still looks perfectly usable. Its survived countless flat landings and was once waashed up in bvig waves over rocks with minimal damage. !!!

Leave modern boards on beach for 10 mins and there`s a holew in them. Do a flat landing and they snap !

But its our ownb faults !! We have insisted on buying carbon/kevlar/technora/Australioan Pine and a whole host of other exotic BS when materials for best boarsds have been with us for 40 years or more...

Where did polyethylene go ???? Had Tiga Wave and a HiFly Extreme both of which were almost indestructable !! And for their time sailed fantastic.... Are we really saying all of us need boards built to the absolute minimum weight ??? Dont think so?? We just like to think we do !!

Polyethylene /GRP woulkd be fine for 95% of us but we dont buy it because sponsored sailors dont use it !

We lkike to think we need a Ferrari when actually we really need Ford Mondeos.....

(My Syncro Red Dot looks older than the custom New Waves !!!! its had a third of the use !!!)

Manufacturers supply the demand !!! (But they manipulate it !!!)
26th October 2011 08:09 PM
Farlo That's the secret: look after it, though I wonder if you coudn't damage some boards but just looking at them. Maybe we will see the weight increase again (slightly) in the coming years. Old dogs of yesterday were not so heavy if you think about it, at least no more than the latest Futura Wood. IMHO modern shapes would not be much less fun with an extra 300 gr.
26th October 2011 08:04 AM
Unregistered What a bunch of moaners.
My three year old Evil Twin 70 has been around the world and bashed about and jumped high on port and starboard tacks and is still going strong.
For sure, it's not heavy like the old dogs of yesteryear, but I look after it and it lasts
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