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21st March 2012 12:25 PM
Unregistered Hi Todd

More good stuff mate. I have ordered the screws and will fill the holes in!

I was in the process of aiming that direction with the fins. The ones I got with the board (82l) for recommended quad mode are too small (13 &11) for my 5.5m. I have run the 15 twins with the 11s in front. This is too big but works ok.

I was planning on getting the K4 14s and 8s. I then have the option of trying the 15 twin with the small 8s in front or the 14s with the 11s in front.

Do you have any problems planing out of gybes? I used to have no problem but with this board I'm struggling to exit with speed. I find it incredible off the top, the bottom turn doesnt seem any looser.


14th March 2012 08:07 PM
Todd Hume No Probs! I guess you've only modified one side of the fin so if you do score some new grubs then you should be able to swap the fin to the opposite box and be able to use the unmodified side of the fin?

If you are looking at experimenting with fins then try running larger main fins and smaller front fins in sideshore setting. I'm running 14cm/9cm on my 74 and like it a lot. It seems to be a good setup if you find yourself sailing overpowered in choppy conditions. K4 are cheap and the flex seems to work well.

good luck!
12th March 2012 10:54 AM
Unregistered Hi Todd,

Thanks for the advice. Its the first time I have had some information on the screws from 2011. I ended up taking a drill to the fins to create a recess for the screws to locate into. Im not sure if this is going to work out in the long run but I was thinking of changing my fins anyways.

On your advice I will try and find the 2012 screws. Hopefully the uk importer will have some.

9th March 2012 07:51 PM
Todd Hume Hi Geoff,
Hey mate i'm not sure you should go sanding your fins just yet. Yes the 2011 slotbox grub screws are too long and protrude beyond their recess when the fin is correctly fitted. This is an issue with the screws and not the fin so if this is indeed the problem you are experiencing then i'd be very reluctant to start sanding away at the fin just yet. My concern with sanding is that you might weaken the hold that the screws have on the fin, potentially making it easier to rip the fin from the box. You will also hit the same probs if you decide to experiment with other fins in the future.

It might be best to look at finding a solution with the screws. Some options:

1. Buy some 2012 screws. The 2012 Slotbox screws are shorter and have a thread that continues up to the head. see pic. top is 2011. bottom is 2012. Not sure what Starboard were thinking in 2011...?

2. Cut down your 2011 screws. The problem with this is you are removing a substantial part of the grub screw's thread, which could potentially create problems like stripping the thread from the box if you were to overtighten the grub or something like that. It might help is you reinforce the slotbox thread with a little epoxy. Cut the screw down to the correct length so that they dont stick out of the recess when tightened. With the fin in the box, put the screw in and turn it just enough so that it holds in the insert, blocks the screw hole and has a gap around the head of the screw for you to drop in a little epoxy into the recess under the head. Carefully drip in a few drops of epoxy into the recess and then tighten the screw to the normal amount required to hold the fin. Make sure that you do not have too much epoxy. You do not want it to squish out and cover the top of the screw or get into the hex. This would be bad. It would also be bad to allow the epoxy to pass the grub screw and glue your fin into the box. This wont happen if you are careful. Once the epoxy has gone off you can untighten screw as per normal. You should be left with an exact epoxy mould of your grub screw within the recess, hopefully giving your screws a bit more hold and support.

3. Leave the screws sticking out to drag in the water.

Good luck
8th March 2012 01:52 PM
Unregistered Appologies, it looks like the bolts do fit the holes ok, when i take the fins out. The screws dont seem to be reaching the recess groove because the fin heads are too deep. When the fins are in they are sending the bolts off line. Looks like its sand the fins time..that will be fun with G10!

8th March 2012 07:56 AM
Slot box screws


I just bought a 2011 quad iq 82 and Im worried about the fin screws. When I tighten them down against the fins, they protrude a couple of mm above the recesses and I am concerned it is affecting the boards planing preformance (which I am having trouble with). I ground a couple of screws down but the heads dont seem to line up perfectly with the recess so I have the choice of chipping the rim to get them to go down into the holes or leaving them up high?

Has anyone else had this problem?



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