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27th May 2012 08:55 PM
Gyurmo hi joe,

i understand your camless fun attitude... but in case of Phantom you loose lots of fun opportunity without a stable, early planning, very light, cam sail. the severne Raceboard 9,5 was developed by remi to this mission specialy for Phantom. thousend times better for Phantom than a Reflex kind of slalom/formula sail, or any kind of camless sails.

22nd May 2012 09:36 PM
Joe Hi Guys - quick update on the 377.

I have sailed it a few more times now - very impressed and happy with board.

- Planes up about the same as my JP SLW but planes much easier (probably +/-9 knots) - no pumping needed - very easy to plane
- very easy to sail in straps even in a lull
- loads of fun sailing upwind in the beating straps (very fast and actually is sort of planning)
- straps worked well without booties on (kinda hard on the feet especially kicking down the cb)
- not nearly as fast as a formula or as intense of a ride
- sails through the chop vs going over on a formula - quite easy actually in 3' waves yesterday
- getting used to the sliding track and centreboard operation
- jibes well
- light wind (i don't think my retro 10.0 still is a great sail for light winds) still kinda fun - better at 5 knots +
- feels like it needs less sail downhaul and outhaul than a formula - more power needed?
- slanted track - with my sail I can rail the board and be in the beating straps in 8 knots +
- only complaint is the deck - lots of things to step on - cb lever, masttrack - takes some getting used too

Highly recommended! - very happy with my choice - awesome 5-15 knot board.

Great board Starboard!

Might have to try a Severne Raceboard sail (although I am not a cam'ed sail fan) - really would like something very lightweight for the 377.

18th April 2012 06:49 PM
Unregistered Thanks Joe.
Really like the sound of it - good review. I tend to go out 10-20+ knots with my trusty 9.0 and it sounds perfect for my size/sail/wind combination. When you're describing the planing sensation it brings to mind the phantom 300 I sailed in dahab a few years back - that seemed to glide through the gears rather than freeride on-off planing. Think my konas great but its quite physical to get it going and the 377 sounds like it'll offer a lot more in the way of future thrills ( proper railing, beating straps , and learning to use the sliding mast track compared with the fixed point on the kona).
Cheers and keep us posted!
18th April 2012 11:01 AM
Joe Hi Gyurmo,
I will need a few more rides on the board to get used to it especially on the upwind. Once the water warms up a bit I will loose the clunky boots and I think the footstraps will work better. Really impressed with it and I think the board will really well as a 5-15 knot board especially for longing distances and varied conditions.
18th April 2012 09:46 AM
Gyurmo hi joe,

very good to hear your first impressions. can you give feedback about what is your feeling in upwind, when the masttrack is in front above the deck? lift the windward side of the board more efficient?

17th April 2012 11:35 PM
Joe Hi Martin,,
I have a 377 that I used for the first time on sunday.
I'm 195lbs sailing with a 10 retro - gusty 8-18 knots of wind (sail underdownhauled)
I have sailed many types of boards but never a racing longboard.
First impressions:
- planes very early and very easily. no effort to plan like a formula board. I will have to sail more to get a better estiamte of windspeed required to plane. It didn't feel like much wind at all. Compared to a formula board - much easier to plane - just goes to either a half plane or full plane with no pumping. Very impressed!
- footstraps suck - seem to twist - have to re tighten for next time
- on the dagger - can't say i've mastered the front straps upwind yet. On a reach with dagger down she really zips along in kind of a semi plane
- mast track - again need practice in moving mast track on the fly
-- chop - i was sailing 1-3' great lake waves - seemed very comfortable to sail - easier ride than formula
- jibing/tacking - no comments yet
- deck - this will take some getting some used to - hard to move around with dagger sticking out

Overall - love it - so much more comfortable to sail than a formula (not as much stop and go)
16th April 2012 03:31 PM
Unregistered Thanks for your replies
I think I'm sold on the new phantom - always a sucker for technobabble. Just need to find a buyer for one of my kidneys ( slightly shop soiled) and i'm away. Seriously though, I'm going to partly finance it by selling my kona so I want to be sure it's going to be just as much fun through a range of conditions as that. I'm eagerly waiting for any more reviews of the board but apart from Dave Hackfords there don't seem to be any. Think I will have to make the long journey south to test one out.
Thanks again
15th April 2012 08:24 PM
Gyurmo hi martin,

if you check this movie, where remi rides the new Phantom, you can see from 1:45 how works the bat wing in upwind and downwind.


6th April 2012 04:16 PM
Gyurmo hi martin,

no better expert of your questions than remi, he will be here with more credible answer than mine for sure. what i can add is my experience with the check of the new Phantom.

kona is a nice „freeride” kind of fun-raceboard, with fixed mastbase etc. lots of fun even for old school freestyle! Phantom is a course race oriented high tech board.

the Bat Wing bring a totally different dimension into the raceboarding feeling and a special advantage for heavy guys like never before! (i’m only 92 kg) this board is kind of „2in1” raceboard. maximised tail width for reaching and down wind, where the tail width needed for early planning with closed in daggerboard and pulled back mast track. in the same time minimized the max width for upwind, to lift the board to the leeward rail for the best upwind angle and speed.

i competed with the AHD, F2, Fanatic Cat, Lechner and Mistral Equipe raceboards in the past. in early planning Lechner was the best by far, in strong wind the AHD (the old box railed), for allroud i liked the last Mistral Equipe the most. the new Phantom cover all of them plus the „old” Phantom too. the wider tail does not influence negatively the upwind ability, because no volume above the „wings” - thanks for the Bat Wing – and much earlier planning than any raceboard before, because the tail width.

to compare the old and new Phantom’s planning ability is a good example the formula tail width evolution.

in 2006 the Formula 160 was 100cm wide/ 78cm one foot off (width at 305 mm from the tail). the new Formula 167 wide is 100cm wide/ 90cm one foot off. that means more or less 15% increased the one foot off width of these formulas and developed extreme early planning in 6 years.

the „old” Phantom is 70cm wide/43cm one foot off, the new Phantom is 67cm wide/49cm one foot off. the one foot off width increased compare to last year Phantom more or less 15% - just like at formula (in 6 years).

as you see, in the early planning the total width of the board is not so relevant, compare to the „one foot off” width. so with the new Phantom you can planning some knots earlier than with the old one for sure! on top of that the thinner raceboard on rail is faster in upwind.

2. Q
dont worry about the mast track, you will try it and you will love it in one day. you will get mastfoot with the board and the pin of it compatible with the pryde, severne, north etc. mast extension systems. if you want to use your mastfoot i think you can take out the mast track pin from the original mast foot and put into yours. i think maybe the north shox system is not good for the mast track, but remi can tell you.

i hope its help,
6th April 2012 03:39 AM
Starboard phantom queries

Hi all

Wonderered if anybody could help

I sail mainly a kona on inland waters. Looking to give more serious raceboarding a go. I'm a super heavyweight (110kg) and have loved sailing the kona but it's not the earliest planer. I already have a large early planing shortboard but given that i want to now trade up my kona for a raceboard, can anyone help me with the following 2 questions:

1. Between last seasons phantom 380 and this seasons 377 is there any discernible difference in early planing? I am concerned about paying more $$££ for a narrower board even if i am faintly seduced by the claims for the new batwing design?

2. Never used a sliding mast track. Is this north pin by design or will my kit which uses odd proprietary systems of UJ still work? - neil pryde mxt and the north shox system, i'm thinking of.

Thanks for any help


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