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11th May 2012 04:27 PM
davide The Fanatic Bat! It was my first board when I moved to San Francisco! I loved that board and still regret having sold it. Yes, of course there are much better boards on the market (it is a 25 years old board!!!!), but the Bat was nice. Stable, with a daggerboard, and a big range. It worked very well in displacement and had a gentle planing speed.

It is small for 225 ... but if you can get it for $200 I think you should!
9th May 2012 12:48 AM
joe_windsurfer posted on the Fanatic forum as well
they are saying the BAT is too small for heavy weights in lite winds - including uphauling
the CAT is recommended ...

so, RIO L, Viper 85, etc ...or perhaps Phantom ??
7th May 2012 02:40 AM
Unregistered On days like we have had lately, you could indeed start at Baby Beach and hug the jetty the entire channel to the ocean. Typically, that's not the case because the wind direction doesn't cooperate and you are right, you would be in a very dangerous situation tacking in the very narrow channel. In my haste I didn't think it through and thought I'd launch from Baby Beach. Bad idea!

What I was seeking advice on was if the Bat would have enough flotation to allow me to up-haul the sail, or would it sink?
7th May 2012 01:35 AM
Roger Joe,
To get from Baby Beach out to the ocean, Robert is going to have to tack out through a very narrow and congested channel. (Dana Point Harbor is a major So. California marina for large and small sail and powerboats.)
(Check it out on google earth) channel.
The width of the Rio L will help in the light wind. (It may be 15 mph out at the entrance, but it's almost never that windy back at the base of the cove at Baby Beach).
With a larger sail (he will eventually want an 8.5 m2 or larger rig) he will be able to sail out to the wind.
My suggestion would be to get a yearly pass to Doheny State Beach and launch from there.
The boat traffic is not going to be real happy with Robert tacking out the main channel from Baby Beach in the upper inland corner of the harbor.
7th May 2012 12:17 AM
joe_windsurfer Although Robert has said that he wants to uphaul and at 225 one can uphaul a 130 liter board, the issue seems to be the lighter winds. Roger seems to know the area well and knows newbies better than anyone !! For me 15 mph winds means long board. How well this does in the ocean obviously depends where. I have sailed my AHD 160/79 in Maine and was wishing I had brought the long board !!! Winds were about 15 mph and thus was schlogging even with an 8.5.
I now use a Fanatic Ultra CAT with a free-race MS-2 8-oh and love the combo. It can go quite fast and plane.
For a RIO L , the only thing I worry about is the width. How does it schlogg in 15 mph winds ??
In other words, I would anticipate requiring a 9.5 for decent sailing in these winds on a board of 85 cm, non ??
6th May 2012 11:30 PM
Unregistered I do plan to go to Mission Bay in San Diego but I live very close to Dana Point so the majority of time I'll launch from Baby Beach in the harbor and head to the ocean.

I did not weigh 225lbs when I windsurfed in Hawaii. Over the years I have added weight, but I'm actually in better shape and far stronger now. The biggest change is that where I used to love the adrenalin high that jumping off waves brought, now I realize that I break and I'd be scared to do the air at this point in life. What I really want is a board that I can launch in the harbor (recognizing that it is crowded at times so I'll have to keep the speed down) and will still have high speed capability in the ocean.

To be able to up-haul, what liter displacement should I look for?

Thank you for your help.
6th May 2012 10:46 PM
Roger The Fanatic Bat is only 160 liters....you weigh 225 lbs....Dana Point Harbor has < 15 knot winds....
the Bat is an older fairly narrow board with an older 6.2 my rig.
Not a real good combination.
Do you plan to sail off the little beach in the back of Dana Point Harbor and navigate out around the loop to the ocean?
Did you weigh 225 lbs when you were sailing in Hawaii.
I would look for something newer...wider, and with a much larger rig.
More money, yes, but significantly easier to sail, better suited to your weight, and the conditins you propose to sail in.
If I lived near Dana Point, I would be traveling up to Cabrillo Beach or down to San Diego Bay to sail.
Better wind, more sailors, some shops that handle windsurfing gear.
My suggestion would be a Rio L with a 7.5 m2 Sailworks Retro or 7.5 m2 Severne NCX.
6th May 2012 10:34 PM
Fantantic Bat


I'm trying to get back into windsurfing after a 25yr hiatus. I used to live in Hawaii and windsurfed extensively. At the time I windsurfed in waves and lived to get air. Now I'm much older, not as coordinated, and I live in California. I'm 6'-6" and weigh about 225lbs.

The wind where I live is mostly light, probably 15 mph or less (most of the time I'll be out of Dana Point Harbor). Water starts, even if I can remember how to do them will be problematic. Therefore I'm looking for a board I can stand on and up-haul the sail.

I mentioned all the above because I need some advice on board selection. Most of the boards I'm finding are amazingly inexpensive (about $200 for a complete setup that doesn't appear very used) but they are too short for me to be able to up-haul on them.

I found a Fanatic Bat that is 10'-6" with a 6.2 sail. Although its old (the mast track is black, if that helps date it), it has been in a garage and only has some surface scratches. He wants $300 which seems high compared to the other boards I've been seeing.

Would the Bat be a good candidate for me with my criteria?

Thank you very much.

FWIW: I tried to register on the site but I got a notification saying registration was shut off.

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