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27th September 2012 12:19 AM
Unregistered you are VERY tall
for me you might need a waist harness AND even longer lines !!!

26th September 2012 11:26 PM
Roger Frode,
Might want to try a waist harness (not a seat harness) until you get the hang of being
"hooked in" to the rig and can begin to trust the rig to hold you up on the board.
Harness line balance is very critical here.
If you cannot "let go" of the boom with both hands for a few seconds and have the rig just stay
in position, providing you with steady power, you need to work on balancing the harness lines a
bit more.
The suggestion to get a waist harness is based on it's a higher hook, and quite a bit easier to hook in
and unhook.
Hope this helps,
Oh, yeah, my favorite suggestion to advancing beginner sailors..... You can go dancing in the evening with your significant other.
Dancing on the board will get you wet and have you swimming faster than anything else you can do.
Settle down, place your feet, and keep them there!
I'll be right over with some foot sized pieces of velcro.
We'll put velcro your feet and the other side of the velcro on the board in the correct positons!
.......just kidding!
I understand how hard it is for a big guy to compensate at the hips, when you've been compensating
(on land) with your feet all your life!
26th September 2012 01:59 PM
jFrode Thank you all for answers so far. The main reason why I am asking for advice is that due to the season almost being over her in Scandinavia, a few retailers have clearance sales. It just seemed like an idea to take advantage of this given that I got some input on where to put my money. So far;
I probably will need a bigger sail – That is easy. I can get a Severne Convert 8 or 8,5 30 % off list price. I probably should go for a bigger, but that is the sizes they will give me a reduced price on. Other sizes they have to order specially. So I’ll probably go for the 8,5.
Fin – Nothing specific yet. That is cheaper anyway, so for now I think the sail will be my only upgrade.

Roger – you are absolutely right about my feet’s being more or less all over the place. Being my size and paired with not being a natural when it comes to balancing ability’s, there is much to work on there.
Sailboarder – You are right, I should keep my 7,3. It was so cheap anyway (about than 200 US$), and will be good to have for the windier days. Also for others to use if they want to borrow my board. If I had known ANYTHING I would have waited until next season and got myself the large Rio. Maybe I should try to sell this and get myself the large one, but they do not keep it in stock.

Sailboarder and Unregistered – 10 m sail. That seems to be quite a handful. It must be heavy to up haul in swells, but very encouraging that I might be able to compensate a bit for my big belly with bigger sails. I am interested to learn about the length of your harness lines. In the package I got when I bought the board, I got 28” lines and a Mystique seat harness (the cheapest), and I find so brutally hard to hook in. The hardest part sailing so far. I also feel like my arms are to bent when in the harness. They are almost 50-60 degrees instead of almost strait.

Thank you all, and regards
26th September 2012 09:09 AM
Unregistered i am a heavyweight at 100 kilos/220 pounds
now i use a 10-oh in winds 10 to 15 knots
i started shortboarding with a 7-oh until "comfortable"
then i purchased an 8.5
it still took some time until i planed - one full season
what helped me was putting ridiculously long harness lines on
then i was able to hook in whenever i lacked the strength
over time technique will replace strength
not falling in saves a lot of strength as well :-)
one thing i found important was patience and not worrying what others think
i have used equipment that people laughed at
it helped me progress, i had fun and TOW/time on water

welcome to the wonderful world of windsurfing
good winds
25th September 2012 07:34 PM
Sailboarder I have not seen it in person but from the web I guess the Synergy sail is still a good sail that can be put on the plane. At your weight however, it's not large enough to get you on the plane at the windspeed you are confortable. When you will be confortable at 15 kts with your 7.3, you can think moving up to a larger sail and plane more often. A good step would be 9.0 or 9.5. You will then keep your current 7.3 for even higher winds.

I have a Drake Shallow 30 (I guess) and this would benefit from an upgrade when you spend more time on the plane. The good: The fin is quite solid, made of thick heavy platic,so it can hit the bottom in shallow areas without damage. The bad:It is however quite draggy. I don't think it will prevent you from starting to plane, but once you figure out how to plane, you'll want to go fast and the fin will limit you. (Maybe the 41 is different, I cannot tell)é You might want to buy a fin that will be a good fit to your future 9.5 when you buy the sail.
25th September 2012 12:39 PM
Roger Welcome Frode,
At your weight a larger rig will certainly help.
Too bad you did not get the Rio L (large) as the extra volume and width would have been helpful
in your progress so far.
As your skills improve, you will probably want a larger sail around 8.5-9.5 m2.
You will probably want a larger fin (50-60 cm would be good) to go with the larger sail.
What issues are you having?
Sounds like you are working way to hard to either control the rig or stay on the board.
Having taught many heavier sailors over the years, my guess would be that you are moving your
feet a little to "compensate" for balance issues.
When you learn to get your feet set so your center of mass stays over the fore/aft centerline of the
board and make your balance and counterbalance (the pull and weight of the sail) corrections at the
hip level and above.
It's a common problem for heavier sailors. It's also pretty hard to learn to "calm down" find the best
foot placement for your weight and your board's volume distribution, and then learn to use your upper
body weight to compensate for the weight and power in the sail (through the harnes).
Hope this helps,
25th September 2012 08:39 AM
Unregistered Sorry. I meant:
I am NOT by far suggesting that my equipment is holding me back, and I have so far enjoyed every second I have been on the water, even when I struggled with the conditions being a bit overwhelming for me.

25th September 2012 08:36 AM
Fin and rig question for Starboard Rio

Hi. I am pretty new to windsurfing and of course to this forum. I am living in Norway, so due to that my first season is almost over before it even started. I got myself a Starboard Rio M. (206 liters) with a Severne Synergy 7.3 square meters rig. Until now I have been on water 8 times, but probably only 4 of them has been what can bee called sailing. My present level is now that I can somehow tack and gybe in light conditions. I am able to launch and get back. Been in the harness a few times because I could not hold the rig in any other way due to fatigue. I have never been planning, although I have been out in planning conditions (for other windsurfers). I am able to sail my board without the dagger board down on broad reach, and somehow also able to commit to the harness for a small period of time (30-120 seconds before getting thrown off). I probably am a bit heavy for my board being a total beginner, but I feel safe and comfortable with it anyway. I can’t see planning happening this year, but I am dreaming about it for the next season. Some stats:
Me, big pie eater at 122 kg (269 lb), 198 cm. tall (6.5”).
Conditions are small chops (10- 40 cm.).
Comfortable doing winds up to 7 ms. (13 knots) if not too gusty. I have been out in 9-10 ms, but then I had a terrible time getting back to launch. Not strong enough for that.
Typical winds that people go out in where I live are between 3-8 ms. I am sailing in a small fjord so I will always land some place if not not able to cope.

My first question is if considering my weight and the board, is the stock fin appropriate for me in the long run? This is fin called a Drake Shallow 410.
I have come to learn that the Serverne Synergy maybe is a very basic rig that might not bee perfect for intermediate progression (whenever that starts to happen). Any inputs on sails and sizes?

Finally, I am by far suggesting that my equipment is holding me back, and I have so far enjoyed every second I have been on the water, even when I struggled with the conditions being a bit overwhelming for me.


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