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26th January 2007 06:49 AM
RE: Looking for help

Hi Original Guest,

From my recollection, the board that you might be referring to came from the mid80s. I would think that crazychemical's specs are probably on target. This board would be a challenge to a new beginner, unless the desire to participate and to learn is great. However, you indicated that you windsurfered before. I've found that basic skills are retained, kind of like riding a bicycle, yet windsurfing is a bit more complex with the possible conditions (very light versus stronger wind). Sometihing that you need to realistic about.

Again, I would have to agree with crazychemical that a low price must be decider here. If condition is virtually new, and it truly can be, $250-300 USD tops (a complete rig), as you will be stuck with it in the long run. At $150 USD it might be a deal if you're up to the balancing act in lighter wind. Keep in mind your weight, which would make it much more of a formidible effort.

If you have a deeper budget, there are sounder modern alternatives that might be preferable for the long run.

26th January 2007 01:24 AM
RE: Looking for help

the adres is h_dude45@hotmail.com
26th January 2007 01:17 AM
RE: Looking for help

Dont think I can get the pics on here. Can I e-mail them to you?
26th January 2007 01:16 AM
RE: Looking for help

Thanks for the reply. I do have some pics of the board.
26th January 2007 12:37 AM
RE: Looking for help

I have my chair of expience with old board (my sister is still working with her new pimped fanatic 340, which is from before she was born). That board of her matches the description you gave on the F2 so i don't doubt they should look alike, appart from construction materials etc. Technically, you should be able to haul your sail out of the water with th geatest ease but jibing on this bloke is going to be a bitch. If you could give me more info on the amount of liters of the board (thouh i estimate it would be around 160).
What problems you may face with this board is that it's mastfoot is outdated. Nowadays every board has a modern click system which is costum on all the board all around the world. however, in my experience with elder board (we have a chipper in the garage), i found that all mastfoots, with a bit of immagination can be adjusted to modern standards (unscrew here, add something there, fasten here, badabang badaboem you're using a 2007 sail on a 1982 board :d)
Is there any way you can get any photo's of the board u intend to get because for the price i can only tell u this, don't go over 150 euro's, so in dollars that somewhere around 165 USD.
on its use, i can only guess. It's a longboard so in lightwind you'll be beating the racers on the water and in heavier conditions 4-5 bft you can go pretty fast but these boards don't plan because of their weight and length. For beginners these boards are great, and i love that fanatic 340 of my sister when i have light winds but once the conditions come more to a reasonable level i find it isn't agile enough and too slow. Also, you tend to grow out of these boards quite fast and keep them for vintage days on the water.

26th January 2007 12:05 AM
Looking for help

I am considering buying a used board locally. I am 200 lbs 6'0 and 32 years old. I did windsurf a little bit back in high school but it has been a few years. So I am basically a beginner that should pick it back up quickly. The board that I am looking at is:

Comet F2 340 with a F2 Arrow sail

board 340 cm long 64 cm wide 26lbs
sail- 6.1 square meters
boom- 200 cm
Luff 480 cm

I live in Virginia Beach near the water so I would be able to sail in numerous conditions.

My questions are:

What would this setup be worth in terms of $?

Would this be a good board to start with?

Is it too advanced or too beginner for me if I plan on picking it up again quickly?

Does my weight match the board?

Would I need to buy other sails? If so what is the general cost of a good sail?

Is the board too old? Will I be trying to find parts that dont exist anymore? I believe the board was made in 95 or 96

Anything else I should need to know?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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