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24th August 2014 05:59 PM
mcross19 I agree with Roger. the Ultrasonic wil go upwind very well when well powered up, even if you were to go off on a broad reach you should still be able to plane back to where you started from.

I would use the 8.5m is the smallest sized sail you would want to go on this board. If you want more light wind performance a 9.5 is great with this board.
22nd August 2014 02:07 PM
Roger Unreg,
The Ultra Sonic (with the correct size and type fin for the conditions and sail size) goes upwind just fine.
You need to be in fully planing mode and at least slightly powered up for any short board to go upwind well. There are ways to go upwind in sub planing mode but they are slow and a bit arduous.
A well sailed and powered up formula board will go a few degrees higher than the Ultrasonic but it will take more effort to get up that high.
Mostly no one but formula racers (in a race) ever needs to sail up that high as most recreational sailors tend to sail on reaches (faster and more fun) so getting back up wind when recreational sailing should almost never be a problem.
If you are worried about sailing way downwind (formula boards also do this the best) and not getting back to where you launched from (the walk of shame it's commonly called) don't sail so far off the wind in the first place.
If you are racing, then you need to sail as fast and as far downwind as you can, and will have to sail back upwind at the highest angle and speed you can achieve. Tacking will be required to get to the upwind bouy in most cases (depends on how the race committee lays the course out).
I've been racing, and sailing recreationally for > 30 years and do not remember ever having to do the walk of shame except when I was learning and didn't know how to sail upwind.
If you are sailing recreationally, it's hard to see why you would ever decide to sail way downwind, and even if you do, a few tacks and you are back upwind and able to sail directly back to where you launched from.
22nd August 2014 09:44 AM
ultrasonic upwind performance

I was wondering if someone could offer advice about the upwind performance of the Starboard ultrasonic.

I weigh 165#, and commonly sail with 7.5 or 8.5 sails. I was looking for an early planning board. My understanding is that a formula board will sail upwind better, but may require larger sails.

It is always nice if you can sail back to the same point you started from.
5th April 2013 03:17 PM
mcross19 My local shop told me that SB UK had these in stock but they were customer boards and already spoken for but didn't find this out until after I had sold my 2012 US.

Otherwise yes I would have ordered sooner
4th April 2013 09:57 PM
Unregistered mcross19: jamais deux sans trois

aftr two(2) burns - could you NOT order in Fall 2012 ??
4th April 2013 01:50 PM
mcross19 I have been told to expect to wait 3 months for mine and that was last month so it looks like ours will be coming over on the same shipment Mr unregistered, shame as it looks like the weather is going to warm up and I have just bought a new big sail for it too! (pic to follow)

I had to wait the same ammount of time for my 2011 and 2012 but you would think that SB would get their act together and ramp up production prior to launch so that these are in stock or at least available more quickly!
4th April 2013 08:20 AM
Unregistered does this mean SB makes boards upon order receipt ??
and is TWO MONTHS behind ??
sounds like they need some forecasting and optimization software :-)
i was starting to slide SB up my short list
they just dropped a notch or TWO :-(
will ONLY buy what is in stock now ...
4th April 2013 07:52 AM
UltraSonic 2013 production-delivery delays

Hi guys,
Yesterday I've ordered 2013 US Carbon from Boardwise in Cannock UK. Payed deposit and will have to wait nearly 2 months to get it delivered. (checked with RobinHood Watersports UK as well. They said it would take them 4 months to get the board for me!!!).
Would there be somebody from Starboard available to comment on those extremely long production, delivery times? And would it be somehow possible to expedite delivery of my US to Boardwise?
Kind regards,
29th March 2013 09:13 PM
Jean-Marc Giff,

No worries for your 103 kg with US147. A pal of 105 kg is using one with an Overdrive 11 m2 sail + 62 cm fin (planing as of 8 knots of wind) or a NCX 9.0 m2 sail + 58 cm fin (planing as of 12 knots).

Go for it !

Cheers !

29th March 2013 12:15 AM
Unregistered in this article at gb.zinio.com/page/;jsessionid=AE9444B2B1801211B406AC1873FE5724.prd-main-news5?issue=416170010&pg=57&categoryId=cat1960028& acf=PG

and other spots it is suggested both the SB US and JP SLW are GREAT at planing early AND for heavyweights

in that article it says - donut worry about which one planes first - just get one and plane

some people prefer the JP SLW 92 for length
others prefer the SB US for speed and over the JP SLW since that fin is too "soft"

so, yeah - go for it
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