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28th October 2012 09:09 AM
Jacob Hi BelSkorpio,

You right I`m Polish. I`m surprise you know Polish spots so well. Mostly I sail at Hel and Mazury. This US147 sounds really great, anyway as I told you Formula have to stay if I want to try my luck in racing in future. I`ll cope with wind lulls with this board. I decided to buy formula becouse of light wind conditions few year ago. I was at Allegro Cup in 2009 as a guest and I loved that event. Unfortunately allegro stop to sponsor such a big event and limited the money for it. Luckily there are still some regattas that they held but they are not such big events promoting formula class as before.

Probably 127 as you mentioned will be better for my weight. I thought about 137 as this year I start using 111 and first found it a bit difficult in manevrous. I was using futura 122 before and it was way easier. At isonic I still need to work on my technique and that is why I thought bigger volume of board may be easier to control and learn.

At last I thing 127 will be optimun for now. If I won`t race in formula for next two years mayby I will swap F162 for US147 and then my combo will be 111, 127, 147 wich seems to be sensible at wind conditions we have here.

Thank you for your reply,
All the best,
27th October 2012 07:17 PM
BelSkorpio Czesc Jacob, widze ze jestes Polak.
Moja zona jest Polka i rozumie troche po Polsku.

Where do you windsurf ? The lakes of Mazury or the Baltic Sea, Leba, Hel, Gdansk ?
I've been in the summer of 2007 in Leba, when the Allegro Formula cup was there.
I spoke with a few of the Formula guys, Steve Allen, Wojtek Brzozowski, etc ...
It was the year that I really picked up windsurfing again after 10 years. Till then, I had not seen any of these wide Formula boards. They told me about the very light winds in which these boards could plane.
That same year I still bought my F161. I have been very happy with it but last year I've sold it and replaced it by the US147. Till now, no regrets.
The US147 handles the same big sails as a Formula but is much easier to sail on the reach and behaves much more like a slalom board. Super light and super fast.
If you want to keep your Formula anyway, the 137 will be very close to it and the 127 would propably be better with your weight. Those boards have the same width and take easily a 10.0 according to me. So,
111: 7.8
127: 8.6/10.0
Formula; 10.0/12.0
will be a good option for your sails, I think.

But with 1 board less:
could even be better, according to me.

If you're sailing on the Mazury lakes, I would definitely go for the last option because the US147 will handle lulls in a better way than the 127.

Wsiestkiego najlepczego !
27th October 2012 08:35 AM
Jacob Hi BelSkorpio,

Thanks for your advive, especially tip with carbon version:
"About wood / carbon, I would definitely go for carbon. After all, you're choosing a board for light wind when there is almost no chop to absorb" - less chop at light wind is what I didn`t thought about

Anyway Formula have to stay - I love the board, I have lots of gear to it, and I tryed luck in formula racing twice and like it, so probably I`ll continue that, and need to have a board that fits the rules.

I`m strugling with decision 127/137. I`ve thought about 137 but still may order 127. Maybe the gap beetwen formula and 137 is too small and 127 will be better. But how to compere it to the gap beetwen 111 and 127 - thats what me courious.

Another thing 137 of 2011 had range 7.5 to 10.0 and now both 127 and 137 2013 have range of 7.8 to 9.6. Sails I have are 7.6, 8.6 and 10.0 and I want to make most of it. To make practical, fun and sensible board and sails quiver. I would like to choose one of these boards but don`t know which one is better. From the recommended range it seems like onle 8.6 will be suitable, but does recommended means other two sails won`t work at all, or just less effective - here`s my guestion?

Mayby one of them is more flexible to these sails combo?

Please let me know what you think and what are your experiences. It`s really important to me - I got married and with my wife we decide its time to think about kids, so it`s possible I`ll have to stick to this combo for next few years

27th October 2012 08:04 AM
BelSkorpio Hi Jacob,

I can see that you already set your mind to the 137, but especially with your weight I find the gap between the formula and the 137 too small.

Like Remi already said, if you don't use the formula for racing (very sharp upwind racks with the highest possible speed), you should really consider the US147 because it would replace the formula + the 137.
It would carry all your sails 7.6, 8.6,10.0 and even 12.0 perfectly. That's what this board is made for.

Personally I use the US147 with 8.8 and 10.9 @87kg. I can tell you that it carries the 10.9 very easily, so it will also carry a 12 without any problems. Furthermore it feels incredible light under your feet c/w formula and also handles smaller sails like a charm. If you could test it somewhere, I'd really advice you to do so. It's probably one of the best light wind slalom boards on the market.

About wood / carbon, I would definitely go for carbon. After all, you're choosing a board for light wind when there is almost no chop to absorb.
26th October 2012 09:23 PM
Unregistered Hi Remi,

Thanks for your reply,

I want to use Fromula still as I have also 12m sail, and wind statistic are poor for most of the time. I was courious if 137 2013 will be working with 10m. I uderstand 7.6 and 8.6 should be allright, but how`s about the 10m is it too big?

And will I have more control with wood then with carbon?

25th October 2012 09:54 PM
Remi Hi Jacob,

If you are not racing under slalom rules, the 2013 UltraSonic 147 will be the perfect board for you for the 8.6 & 10m, you will plane as fast as your Formula that you can sell and go faster on the reach with a lot less physical demand particularly for your back leg. when is start to be over power with 8.6 then you will be perfect on your 111 with 7.5, but you can use also 7.5 but with smaller fin.
If you want the ultimate planning go for Carbon but Wood already deliver really high performances.
Hope this help
All the best
25th October 2012 09:33 PM
Which Isonic

Hi there,

I want to ask a question to everybody who can help me with choice of optimal isonic. There are three types I wonder of: 137 year 2011 (wood), 127 or 137 2013 year (wood or carbon). There are some details about me:

I mostly sail inland waters. Wind is not regular. Sometimes it gets choppy a bit. Wind 8-25 knots.
I already have formula 162 and isonic 111. I have some sails and want to cover gap beetwen 111 isonic and 162 formula. I was wondering mostly of 137 - sails I have Tr7 7.6 and 10.0 plus vapor 8.6 - I saw recomended sail size for 137 2011 and 137 2013. The 137 2013 don`t have such a big range of suggested sail size. My weight is 82kg I,m 190cm height.

- Here are my questions:
- Which of these boards will work better with this sails? I would like to have opportunity to use three or at last two of them. I can`t afford another sail for this season.
- Will 137 2013 could work with all of them?
- Shall I choose wood or carbon? (I prefer control and easyness of drive)

Thanks to everyone who can help by giving me a tip,

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