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12th January 2013 07:25 AM
Unregistered I bought a few months used rig at reasonable price hope it would not be too high step for me and will be a good match with my futura.Point 7 ack 7.8, p7 alu boom 180-240, and p7 460 mast 100c. Letter on , I will try to add severne ncx 6.5m. On unifiber site I read that severne/point7 bend carve is the same. I ll inform u with my experience. Thx
9th November 2012 08:22 PM
Unregistered hehe seems like i will have to work hard this year to be able to afford myself this gear, but to be honest the most expensive gear is misfit gear. Definitely i ll go 7.8/8.0 and 6.5 sail combo with a 75%c mast. i ll try to get as much gear as possible 2nd hand in this range,i hope it will be NCX .And after that all I need is time on the water. Thx guys a lot for the effort.

Greetings, Luka
9th November 2012 01:28 PM
Jean-Marc Luka,

Yes, if Severne gear is readily available in your country, Severne NCX sails are very light, fast, stable in gusts and easy-going no brainers no cams freeride/freerace sails. They are the best in their segment according to numerous magazine tests. This will be a perfect match with your Futura board for sure.

I would strongly encourage you to go with 2 sails : 6.5 and 8.0 m2. Since both size are compatible with a 460 mast, get a 460 cm Blue line mast with 75% carbon, it's lighter, very sturdy and more dynamic, it's really worth the extra money as compared to the white line mast.



NCX 6.5 m2 2013; Luff 463 cm; boom lenght 188 cm
NCX 8.0 m2 2013; Luff 494 cm; boom lenght 208 cm

As for a boom, check out the Blueline 160-220 cm T8 alloy boom. This will be great if you will get a smaller 5.5 m2 sail later (or smaller) for stronger wind for example as your skills will gradually increase later : http://www.severnesails.com/booms/severne-blueline

Cheers !

9th November 2012 07:50 AM
mcross19 Definitely get two sails to make the most of your board.

|f severne is easily accessable then get the NCX
9th November 2012 12:50 AM
COACHG While a bigger sail will get you plaing earlier & blasting more often, your skills will definitely improve faster with a smaller sail. I would suggest you spend the bulk of your money on a good mast & boom and get used sails until you develop a taste for the type of sail that you like. Many 6.5 sails rig on both 430 & 460 masts so get a good 460, 75% carbon and shop around for used sails. I have a 430 & 460 that are over 10 years old and have been through many sails in that time. If you shop around, some brands have 8+ sail sizes for a 460 mast as well. My 2012 Naish Indy 8.2 rigs on a 460.

8th November 2012 06:30 AM
Unregistered I appreciate ur experiance on the water, definitely don't want my rig to feel heavy and unmanagable.I wouldn't go any higher than 75c mast and it's not necessary to be north. In my country croatia, severne is more accesible. ll consider ur tips when buying, and will try to get that 2nd hand if possible. At first i wanted to go a single rig (sail) solution but seems it isnt possible. thx very much mate.
8th November 2012 05:33 AM
mcross19 Personally I don't like the S-Type, nothing against North but they feel very heavy but that is just my experience with them when used at hire centres on holiday. If it was my money I would try to get a Neil pryde H2 or Severne Turbo (I have an 8.6 and it's amazing) for your biggest sail. I like the X-types even though I've only tried them on 75% carbon masts and they would be ok in 6.6 but also consider Natural or Duke in the mid 6m sizes if you really want to go for an all North quiver.
7th November 2012 09:17 PM
Unregistered So u think a proper combination would be for example north s type 8.4 with ns gold mast and next smaller sail x type 7.3. I am on budget so i wouldn't be a able to buy both at the same time.
Should I buy 7.3 xtype the 1st considering my skill and than add bigger twincam sail later?..... or maybe should i go for x type 7.8 and later on get x type 6.6? anyway thanks
7th November 2012 05:46 AM
mcross19 Definitely get an 8.5 as your biggest sail to get the most from the board but I would go for something with two cams in that size. As your next size down something in the region of 7.2 (hellcat/point 7) or 7.3 North X-type all no cam.
5th November 2012 07:33 PM
rig for futura 131 wood

i bought futura 131 wood last month ...What would be ur choice of sail or what do u consider a sweet spot for this board? I am an early intermediate/advanced beginner and 85kgs.I have sailed on borrowed old gear f2 slalom comet 149l and 6.5 sail , and now I want to buy my own.. I sail in summer in the light wind area mostly between 10 20 knots with gusts and lulls. I was thinking about buying 7.5 camless rig smth like gaastra matrix. Board dealer suggested me to go with 8.5 and to add smaller sail after smth like 6.5/6.7
He said that 7.5 is not enough and when the wind picks up it would be a bit big. He offered me new severne convert 8.5 (4.8kg), whiteline 460 mast 40%(2.6kg) and aeron boom vgrip 180-230 (3,3kg) at reasonable price.. i am a bit scared of size and weight what do u think ?

cheers, Luka

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