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7th January 2013 10:33 PM
Unregistered i had a Simmer WCR/World Cup Race 6.0
i loved that sail
once rigged the cambers flipped like they were not even there
sold it to a 20 year old "kid" in order to give him a full kit
that was my favourite sail in BIG winds and when ice sailboarding :-)

pleeze do NOT take out any cambers on older sails :-(
7th January 2013 04:38 PM
Unregistered Thanks everyone for your advice.

The 121 it is then - really looking forward to it and getting back into windsurfing again.

On the sails I note your points about the cams. They are such beautiful sails but quite hard work when something more free ride would now suit me much better. I might try removing just the foot batten cam, which is the one which makes rigging hard work and then living with the luff tube being creased here. I am not concerned about the big luff tube, its just the rigging time and the rigidity on the water that I was hoping to diminish a bit.

Thanks again.
7th January 2013 02:48 PM
mcross19 Hi, I once owned a Futura 121 and used sails 6.7 and 7.8 on it which for my weight (87Kg) was a dream to use.
7th January 2013 12:49 AM
Roger Removing the cams is not normally a good idea.
When the sails are designed, the cams are there to hold the draft in the sail at that
batten station.
Removing the camber inducer leaves that area without any loading from the mast and usually lets
the batten fall off quite a bit.
Better to simply rig the sail very "fat" (lots of draft due to less than normal downhaul and
outhaul) and leave the camber inducers in the sail.
I know this because a few years back I raced in the vintage class and the rules were no more
than 2 cams....so I simply removed the to 2 cambers and the sail looked horrible, all loose and
twisty in the top.
Worked OK, but it was not good for the sail, and I found that Sailworks Retro no cam Free Race
sails were much better overall.
6th January 2013 10:10 PM
Unregistered Unregistered - thanks for your response.

Typo on original post - the bigger sail is 7.8m

Sails are Simmer SCR's - I think 2008 but can't remember - bought them and then lost interest for a while. Used the 7.0 a few times (on RRD x-Fire 95) and only used the 7.8 once (on an i-sonic 105) - felt pretty big !

This might sound a crazy idea but I was thinking of removing a couple of cams (from the foot batten and the upper cam) to make them twin cams so easier to rig and a little less rigid in use - this instead of buying no cam freerace sails. Anyone ever tried this and did it work ?

My previous boards have all been sub 105lt but older designs - the Futuras are much wider than these boards but I am looking for something a bit more forgiving and the F122 looks very nice.
6th January 2013 09:39 PM
Unregistered for your weight 111 liters is NOT a lot
you want to get back to where you started your launch - even if the wind drops ....
your sails are also really close in size - how old are they ??
a 7.0 for your weight is good in about 16 knots - let's say to 20 - i call those mid winds
that is no issue for a 121 liter board where the 7.x falls right in the middle of the range
my ideas are NOT based on experience with a Futura and as such suggest a Futura expert give their perspective ...

welcome back to my favourite sport :-)
6th January 2013 09:21 PM
Futura 111 or 121 ?


Can't decide which board is better for me.

I am 85kg and need a board to use with my 7.0 and 7.6 cammed race sails - nothing bigger than this.

Reasonably good standard but had a few years off and getting back into it - looking at the Futura as I want something quick but not as technical as an i-sonic.

Will be sailing well powered up in generally flat water conditions but need to be able to get back in if the breeze drops and get going when its gusty.

The 121 appears from the spec to have a very large sail range. Just concerned it might be too big when Im powered up on the 7.0.

Any advice ?

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