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31st January 2007 10:03 AM
Ian Fox
RE: Select fin for isonic

Just sliding in at the bottom of this discussion...

The 37cm is a very good and useful size on the iS101, definitely a good (and simple) option to power up your setup in "marginal" 34cm conditions, (without going the full jump to a 40 etc, with inherent extra drag etc) -or to pull out a bit more upwind if that helps in your usage.
It's also a good "small"(powered..) fin for moderate big (~7.5m*)iS101 race sails...
..other than 34, 37 is the most common size in my 101.

Cheers ~ Ian

(*92kg - so as 02b says, your mileage may vary !!)
31st January 2007 07:53 AM
RE: Select fin for isonic

Hi o2bnme,

Looking back, I thought my above response might have been a bit too divisive. I must admit, I worried a bit about that later. However, in light of your comments about, I can now better understand why you might have been a more expansive in your adjustment period. I work off a 5 board quiver, so my relative use margins aren't always that great. Also, my footstrap options are usually fixed, or may at best include maybe a added front inboard location on my biggest boards (one that I'm usually not that fond of for slalom or freeride boards). Nevertheless, when I target a broad range of conditions and sails, I play with fins and mast track position to find an optimum balance, especially since weedfins can be a part of my world. Yet, I have to be frank that I'm not a fan of adjusting boom height. I like a fairly high position, but it's interesting to note that my positioning between slalom and wave type sails differs greatly between the two different sail designs. I've kind of concluded that the position of cutout varies between the two designs formats. I have always been sailing Bill Hansen's sail designs (originally Windwing and now Hansen Sails), so I've found some reliable consistency that I can readily depend on.

In hindsight, my apologies for any possible downside that might have been a possible outgrowth of my earlier post. Sometimes we wear our own blinders, and don't necessarily see with as broad a perspective as we sometimes should.
31st January 2007 12:44 AM
RE: Select fin for isonic

Sorry SteveC, missed your response. I guess I'm anal (and I enjoy the analysis of the equipment). I usually take two sessions to figure out a combination of board/sail/fin. I'll come in a few times throughout a day of sailing and play with things, but if I go out for an hour or two I'll problably not switch fins or tweak anything more than my outhaul setting. So, yeah, it does take me a bit to get things right. So, for the iSonic 105, I took 4-5 sessions for my 4.8, 3 sessions for my 5.6, 1 for my 6.6, 2 for my 8.0. I used to have a 7.7 V8 that I used a few times. I went out in some winds that were too light for it and wasted my time, but still, that increased the session count. Once I was fully powered up, I hit the mark with the 7.7 on the first try. Now, I am taking these same sails out when the winds aren't too strong. I want to figure out the low end thresholds for these sails on this board.

So, that's over 10 sessions for powered up conditions dealing with tuning for chop and fin choice. Now I'm doing the light wind tuning for power and fin choice, so I figure I'll have another 5 or so sessions to find the wind minimums for most of my sails (not the 4.8).

My goal with getting the iSonic 105 was to find one board to take me from my F-Type 148 (for my 9.8 & 8.0) to my 91L AHD Convert 60 (for my 4.8 & 5.6). That means I need to cover a very large range of conditions. I guess this might not apply to others, but it was one of the key selling points when I was looking at the iSonic line. I guess I figured this would be a key criteria for others too.
30th January 2007 10:33 PM
RE: Select fin for isonic


don't forget to check with Deboichet. Those fins are awesome performers, as KP and AA show very well; but also a normal guy can enjoy it. Their performance level makes everyday speed oriented sailing easier and more fun, and price is not a problem too. Just check!
30th January 2007 11:06 AM
RE: Select fin for isonic

Hi, I have a Select Viper for my 06 Sonic 95 and find it tends to spin out.
I also have a Select lightning Evo and find it sticks really well, it also has
good lift as well as speed.

Regards Steve.
30th January 2007 04:40 AM
RE: Select fin for isonic

i don't think its a bad option - i've got a 122 and a 101 and the only fin thats not stock is a 44cm select (SL5 i think) and it goes very well - i've even (when desperate) tried it on the 101 and it was surprisingly good

go for it i say!
29th January 2007 02:38 PM
RE: Select fin for isonic

Hallo again, weight is 200+ pounds..I will sail rss 6,2 - 6,7 on the

thanx for the repleys!

29th January 2007 08:16 AM
RE: Select fin for isonic

Hi o2bnme,

I think that you've made a case for a number fins, if only for the edges of performance. Nevertheless, I'm taken back a bit by your comments about needing to take 10-15 sessions, before understanding the design the iS105. I've never experienced but a session or two get the hang of my choices, if that. I guess that relative ease has formulated my decision approach to a great deal. I would find it untoward to spend so much time softening up to a design. I wonder whether others feel so encumbered making the adjustment to modern popular designs. Maybe they can speak up to balance your thoughts.

29th January 2007 12:57 AM
RE: Select fin for isonic

What sails are you planning on using with this new fin? Conditions? What is your body weight?

I have an iSonic 105 and have found the stock fins to be very capable. I like the Drake Slalom Pro 340 better than the 40cm fin it came with. If I'm powered up, I find I can use the 34cm Slalom Pro with all my sails from 4.8 to 8.0 without feeling any loss of competitiveness. If I'm fully powered up with my 4.8 or 5.6, I have a 30cm fin to use too.

I guess I'm curious why you want a fin in between the supplied fins as I have never felt a need to fit something in between.

I'm 145 at my heaviest, so keep that in mind. Your mileage may vary.

I would advise you use the iS101 more than a few times prior to deciding on a fin. It took me about 10-15 sessions on my iS105 to feel I understood how to use it. I'm not talking about flubbing jibes... I'm talking about getting the tuning right between the sail, footstraps, fin, and learning how to ride the board in chop. I waited until near the end of my first year with my iS105 before getting the 30cm fin, and while I do use it, I don't use it that much... again, the 34cm fin is very capable.
29th January 2007 12:24 AM
Select fin for isonic

Hallo, just got a 101 isonic, and its awesome...Thinking abouth getting a 36 or a 37 fin for
the beast, and was looking at the Select Viper serie. Has anyone any comments or to this

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