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5th August 2013 06:56 PM
Unregistered Roger and Jean-Marc,

Appreciate the advice. Hoping to buy a Tush 6.5 soon, then get out at Roa Island, Barrow to practice.

5th August 2013 12:53 PM
Jean-Marc Josh,

Roger is spot on. There are several problems to overcome before dreaming to perform carving jibes:

1) I would try to use a 40 cm fin with a 6.x m2 sail on your Futura 131 to learn carving jibes. You might have problems when keeping the board at speed and banked on her rail during a carving jibe when you have a too big a fin (48 cm) with a too small a sail. Especially in choppy water...
2) You would need at least a 6.5 m2 sail to start and sustain planing and it should be perfect for your 75 kg in 15-20 knots of wind to learn carving jibe.
3) I'm afraid that you can't do that with a 4.2 or with a 5.2 m2 sail in 15-20 knots of wind because you won't be able to initiate the carving jibe at full planing speed. You would need 25+ knots wind with a 5.2 m2 sail or 35+ knots wind with your 4.2 m2 sail. If you cannot build enough planing speed at the curve's entry, you simply cannot do carving jibes.

Cheers !

4th August 2013 02:57 PM
Roger Josh,
If you are truly trying to do fully planing carve jibes, remember speed is your best friend.
If you don't have the speed going into your carve, to stay on plane all the way around,
you won't complete the jibe planing. and instead will have to settle for a slow speed
step jibe when your board comes off plane.
As far as your board wanting to go upwind, it's most likely doing precisely what you are
telling it to do.
Are you all the way back on the board and in the foot straps when you feel you are planing?
Check that you are not standing slightly off center of the board (on the upwind side) and tipping/tilting
the upwind rail slightly lower than the downwind rail.
You board will go at any angle you tell it to, but now you are foot steering completely, and tiny little
changes in the side to side angle of your Futura 131 will steer your board.
Lee rail down slightly, and you will turn off the wind a little. Keep your board flat and it will go straight in
whatever direction you are pointing.
Tip it slightly to windward (lee rail higher than the upwind rail) and it will constantly want to turn upwind.
You are on a true short board now, and trying to steer with your rig as you did on your Fanatic will not
Yes, you can influence your direction some with how you position your rig, but once planing, and your rig
is raked back, it's all about the rail to rail (athwartships) attitude of the bottom of your board and the only way you can change that is with your feet and your weight.
Keep your weight over the centerline and you go straight (non planing).
Get your weight onto the rig (through your harness and harness lines) and even though your weight is
well off the centerline, the applied pressure from your weight will be through your mast foot which is
on the centerline.
Hope this helps,
4th August 2013 02:25 PM
Unregistered Thanks or the advice. I've recently progressed from a Fanatic Bee 317 (195litre) to the Futura, so still finding my feet. I'll try the 5.2m sail on my next session and look round for a 6m+ sail.
4th August 2013 01:22 PM
Roger Josh,
Why are you using a 4.2 m2 rig in 15-20 knots of wind on such a big board.
At 75 Kg the board is pretty big, but your 4.2 and 5.2 m2 Rigs are way too small.
For your stated wind speeds, one would expect you to be on 6.5-7.5m2 rigs.
You could use a smaller fin, but the 48 cm you have should carve jibe very nicely
if you ever got going fast enough.
4th August 2013 12:51 PM
Futura 131 sail and fin size

I'm learning to carve gybe. Sailing a Futura 131 with a Rock 4.2 m sail and Drake 48cm fin in 15-20 knot wind. I weigh 75kg. Board seems to sail into the wind too much. Should I be using a smaller fin? Can anyone recommend fins to use with 4.2 and 5.2m Rock sails.
Thanks in advance.

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