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18th November 2013 08:48 PM
mikerb Thanks all for your suggestions. I think I am going to go for the 110 with the full realisation that once I get to use it I may then find it best to sell the 107 and get a 87 or similar.
My rationale is
a) The 122 definitely fills an important slot in my quiver and that may be because of the specific conditions that seem to crop up regularly in the main spot I sail. The 110 is the closest I can get to being a similar board but up to date.
b) My 107 is a great board but I often use the 122 in preference in lighter winds....and experience so far has been that when the wind is much stronger I could be more comfortable on a smaller board.........so maybe the 87 is a better option.
c) No way I would ever not have the 127. In the less dense summer breezes this board is an absolute dream and also good for more long distance trips.

The new 110 is only 4 litres less than my 122, the same width, and a more modern overall design. So it sounds the right board.

In the shorter term having both 107 for rougher water and 110 for somewhat lighter wind and flatter water, is probably a bit of a luxury but you only live once ...right?
18th November 2013 07:23 PM
OZI I love all the different answers. I have had the 107,110,117,122,127. My weight is 82kg. I think the 117 and 127 are too close in size and 107 and 110 are too close in size (to have both boards). I am talking 117W.
Sold the 122 and replaced with 107.
Sold the 127 and replaced it with 117. Liked the 117 better.
Sold the 107 and replaced it with 110. Really like the 110 but 107 is a great board.
I would sell the 122 as it needs updating. The 110 or 117 will be closest to 122.
Option1. Keep the 127, sell the 107 and replace with 110 and 97.
Option2. Sell the 127 and replace with 117 (or keep 127 and don't get 117)keep 107 buy a 90 (my 2013 combo).
Option3. Sell the 127 and replace with 117, keep 107
Option4. Sell the 127 (or keep) and 107, replace with 90 and 110 (my 2014 combo).

Good Luck
16th November 2013 02:33 PM
BelSkorpio Hi Mark, I think that for 78 kg, the IS87 is still a relatively big board. I mean, it can already be used starting from +/- 18 knots.
Probably THE best combo would be IS80/97/117, but because mikerb has already the 107 & 127 and does not like to fully power up the Isonics, the combo IS87/107/127 would suit him nicely.

15th November 2013 10:49 PM
mark h Hi Mike

At 98kg, I'm not the best person to offer you advice. But here something for you think about

Firstly, the iS110 will be an improvement on your iS122. It should have a much bigger usable range than the older iS122, so much so that (with a good selection of fins) it could replace both your iS107 & iS122.

Ideally, you'd be better off with an iS87/107/127 combo, this would be perfect, but as you like to get on your FSW in higher winds I guess you only want to cover mid to light winds for slalom kit.

Having an iS107 and iS122 is a bit of a luxury, and I can't help but feel that if you were to purchase an extra powerful fin for your iS107, it would do the same job as your iS122.

If you have money to spend, then truthfully speaking, at 78kg you would be best with an iS97 (or older iS101) and an iS117. Several lighter guy's are saying that they get no real gain with the iS127 c/w the iS117. The iS97 would enable you comfortably go into slightly higher winds (saving your FSW for proper high winds).

Just my 2 cents worth
15th November 2013 06:19 PM
BelSkorpio Hey, winter season is starting with us, time to chat again.

I have the impression that the IS110 is troubling a lot of people, including myself.

In your case mikerb, with your weight it seems pretty easy to me. Like yourself I'm not a PWA competition rider, but personally I like to ride the isonics a bit more powered up.
If I were you, I would keep the 127 and 107 and get rid of the 122. If you want to buy a 3rd board, go for the IS87. It's an amazing board with 6.x race sails. I'm 10kg heavier than you and I use the IS87 with 5.7 & 6.7 sails in +/- 20 knots average. When it are 24+conditions, I'm also on FSW stuff, unless I'm on a speed strip.
I think you should use your 7.0 & 7.8 on the IS107 and reserve the 8.6 for the 127 in the light winds.

Should be pretty straight forward. What are you doubting about ?
15th November 2013 04:09 PM
Deja Vu Yes. The 117 is 80 cm. wide, but rides very nicely for such a wide board and it will handle a large range of sails. It feels much smaller than the 127 (I had an Is131 and now have a 137). The 110 is a very nice board as well and planes out very quickly; however since I own a 107 as well I'd take the 117 over the 110 if I could only have one of these two boards. The new is107 supposedly now handles an 8.6 very well so maybe you could just update the 107 and have a one board solution for a wider variety of conditions and bypass the need for the extra board.
14th November 2013 09:39 PM
mikerb @Deja Vu...are you talking about the 80cm wide 117?...........surely that would be too close to my 127? That's why I am looking at the 110 at 75cm wide or ( if I can find one) a 2012 117 ( 75cm).
It is the fact that the 110 has replaced the 117 that is causing my hesitation. Board widths across the 107, 110, 127 make sense ( 68, 75, 85) but I know hull shape has changed as well.
14th November 2013 09:25 PM
Deja Vu Have a look at the is117. IMO it is much nicer than the 122 (I used to own one) and will be great for those marginal days (why aren't you using the is127 on the marginal days?). Anyway, I have experience with the is110, the is117 and the is122 and I believe the 117 is your best bet if you want to replace your is122 (it will be an upgrade).
14th November 2013 09:12 PM
any user feedback on Isonic 110??

I know this topic has been covered in a few posts before but I am yet another Isonic user looking for some help deciding whether to buy an Isonic 110!

I have the Isonic 107 Isonic 122 (2008 model) and Isonic 127 mainly using race sails from 6.3 to 8.5. Unlike slalom racers I do not sail overpowered and when it gets anything in excess of c 24 knots I would be using FSW boards rather than slalom. I weight 78kgs. My sailing location gets pretty choppy in 6.3 and upper end of 7m conditions.

I use 7.8/ 8.5 with the 127 and 6.3/7.0 with the 107. The 122 is used mostly as a step up with 7m if the wind is inconsistent or marginal, or a step down with a 7.8 if conditions get too lumpy for the 127.

This year the 122 seems to have been used a lot due to very changeable winds and I have been very impressed with it despite its age. The 2008 model of the 122 is in fact 114 litres according to ISAF.

OK so the issue is that I want to update the 122 and if I could buy the same board new...I would! So the question is, do I go for a 110, and if so does anyone have any experience of how it would compare with my 122?

( p.s. I only use the Wood versions)

Thanks for any advice.

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