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22nd November 2013 09:36 PM
mark h Stick with the iS111, not the iS122. The advice is correct. 490/7.8m is first choice and 460 with NS carbon Xtender if your light weight (or on a budget), but the 7.8m was designed around the 490
22nd November 2013 08:06 PM
Matsuri Thanks for all the feedback. I can get a good condition Isonic 133 for a very reasonable cost, so I think that I will go for it

I already have a 2009 Isonic 101, so I will be looking for an Isonic 111 (which is actually 113L)....... Or should I be looking for an isonic 122?

I weigh about 90 KG.... But working hard to get closer to 80 KG

While I am here, can anyone give advice about a 7.8 North WARP; North recommend both a 460 and 490. I far preferred my F10 8.0 with a 460, however I was advised that the 490 actually works better with the 2013 7.8
22nd November 2013 06:19 PM
mikerb First off, if you can get a 133 in good condition that is a no brainer. They are fast and will cover all the light wind range. don't worry about rougher water...if it is properly trimmed it can cope with that as well ( if you are brave!). The next board down really depends on your weight. If you are anything other than a lightweight you should go for the 111 or better still the 107 if you find one second hand. For this wind range I would go for wood rather than carbon, especially if you are buying second hand. Wood handles rougher water better and is much more likely to be in one piece if bought second hand.
22nd November 2013 10:50 AM
mark h Hi Matt

For best value, it would definetly be wise to to go for 2009 133 and 111, plus it will give more chance to get a good fin quiver. You can always upgrade these during the next year or so. I agree fully with coachg, 111 to 133 would be much better than 101 to 133.

Both the 133 and 111 are still very competitive. The 107 from 2011 onwards has improved a fair bit, but speedwise there really very little in it. All the the big 85cm iSonics, regardless of year are very quick.

The new 2014 107/130 do have changes that should make them quicker, but thats another story

PS, I loved the Warp 2010's but the Warp 2013's are much more powerfull, that alone will improve your results
22nd November 2013 08:15 AM
Mattsurf Given my meager funding, would I be best buying a 2009 133 and 111 to go with my 101 or should I consider buying a single board... Probably a 2012 127

Given current second hand prices, a 133 and 111 will cost less than a newer 127
22nd November 2013 04:07 AM
COACHG For recreational sailing I think you would be ok with a 101 to 133 jump, but for slalom racing I think that is too large of a gap. The 101 will be slow to plane in 7.8 conditions compared to a 107 and the 133 will be a handful in a jibe with any kind of chop unless you are super heavy.

22nd November 2013 12:48 AM
mcross19 Hi Matt, I had a 2009 isonic 133 and loved it (really regret selling it) anyway I used to put Neil Pryde 9.2m Slalom sail and it flew, it was a perfect match. At 85Kg I used a 48/50cm fin depending on marginal planning or well powered.

As for the Mistral, bin it, horrible board, it has got to be the worst board I have ever tried, others tried it and felt the same, all it is good for is downwind slalom and then it felt slow and heavy.

If I was you I would get as new as isonic as possible, preferably 2013 models but this is not critical.

Just my two penneth worth!
21st November 2013 10:33 PM
Older or newer Isonic

Over the past 2 seasons, I have been getting back into racing after a 15 year break. Nice to see that I am still pretty competetive, so next year I want to do some more serious racing

I have been using a mix an match set of boards and a mixture of North WARP F10 and RAM F10

I have now bought a complete set (6.3, 7.0, 7.8, 8.6 and 9.6) of North WARP F2013, so now looking at boards

I currently have an 2009 Isonic 101, which I bought to replace a 2008 Falcon 105 and Exocet Warp 62. My next board is a Mistral Slalom AB 123, which is 75 wide - This used to take my WARP 9.0, but wouldn't carry speed through the gybe - It is better on my new WARP 8.6 but still hard coming out of the gybe with good speed.

I am trying to work out the best thing to do - I can buy, at a reasonable price, a 2009 Isonic 133, which is 85cm wide - I think that this would be ideal on the 8.6 and 9.6m sails. Could I then get rid of my Mistral and go straight from the 133 to the 101 with the 7.8m?

Alternatively, would I be better off with the 2010 Isonic 131, which is a little narrower than the 133.

In real terms, how much difference is there between a 2009 133 and a 2013 127?

In an ideal world, I would go with newer boards, but the financial reality is that I need to make a compromise

Also, anyone got any view of the Mistral AB 123 - I have been using this for 2 years and I have been pretty happy with it, it gybes really well, however, I am a little slower on the GPS, relative to Pro Sailors on 2013 boards with 2013 Sails, however, that may be down to my skill and older sails. However, At a recent event, one of the Pro Sailors suggested that the Mistral is just not quick enough - anyone agree? If so would I be better changing the Mistral for an Isonic between the 133 and 101 (a 111 possibly?)

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