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28th February 2014 11:43 AM
Unregistered I now have a shiny (looks unused) carbon Is137 in my car - can't wait to try it

It looks much prettier than the Is133 I used to own.... does this make it better?
26th February 2014 12:10 PM
Unregistered I have said yes to the Is137 - saves me £100, plus I like to have all my boards from the same brand. Ultimately I went for the Is137 as it is a little longer than the Fanatic (233cm as opposed to 225cm long). I found the old Is133 very short (223cm), which made tacking tricky and sailing in non planing conditions difficult; I am hoping that the extra volume of the Is137 (ISAF have it at 139L Vs 127L for the old Is133) and the extra length will make the Is137 more user friendly in light winds

I already have a Select Vmax 49cm fin and a select S12 47cm fin, how much difference will I get from a 52cm fin in light winds? I did have a 52cm fin for the Is133, but rarely used it, so sold it with the board
25th February 2014 05:21 PM
COACHG I have the 2013 Falcon 142. I also have 101 & 107 Isonics. Other than size, the Falcon doesn't sail any different than my Isonics. The Falcon planes very early, is fast and carries great speed through the jibe, just like the Isonics. Let cost be your guide.

25th February 2014 12:22 PM
Unregistered I can get a good price on a 137, it seems that 127's are more popular and hence more expensive.

I used to have a 133, and found it to be too short - it was fine when it was planing, but in non planing conditions was hard to sail. Also very difficult to tack. The Is137 is 9cm longer, which I like the idea of, the Is127 is a little shorter than the Is137

It is unlikely that I will be sailing overpowered on the Is137 as I will be on the Is110 in 7.8m weather and probably on the 8.6 if the wind is consistent.

I have a 49cm Select Vmax and a 47cm Select S12 so that will probably suit the board. I may invest in a 52cm, however, on the Is133 I never used the 52cm fin, so sold it with the board

On balance (an because I love my other Isonics and I like the idea of all my boards from one brand and it is cheaper) I have decided to go with the Is137 and not the Falcon
25th February 2014 11:09 AM
mark h Hi Unreg

If your happy with your iSonics, your probably best staying with iSonics. It does make sense having a full set in the same brand. Don't worry about the diffeence in volume between the iS137 and Falcon 142, you will not be able to tell the difference as they are very similar dimensions.

If you can get a good close out deal on the iS137, I'd personally be going with it. I have tried the iS127 and at 95kg the difference between my iS137 and iS127 are very small, so go with what ever is the cheaper option.

You will love the iS137, for a 90kg+ rider, it has a massive range. I use fin sizes in 46, 48 and occasionally use a 52 (in sub 10k winds). Sail wise, I love both the 8.6 and 9.5. Occasionally I use the 7.8 if its very fluky and gusty.
25th February 2014 10:17 AM
kapten k Last time i was out i rigged a 6.7 for a manta 54, but the wind dropped so i put the 6.7 on the 110 and sailed underpowered, that worked great and still made 29knots as max..

25th February 2014 10:12 AM
kapten k I have the 110 and 127, but only sailed the 110 twice since i just got it. The 110 feels a lot smaller than the 127. I have 9.5 and 7.9 vapors.
I dont know yet if i feel the 127 and 110 is too close.. Both feel great. but the 127 is alot stiffer to gybe than the 110. The 127 stars feeling big pretty soon with 7.9 so i dont like that combo. i used the 7.9 on a97, and if the the wind died, i took the 127. I sold the 97 and got a 110 and a 90...
You wont get more range out of a 137 over the 127 if you´re not 100kg+
The step up to a formula board is better if you really what light wind performance, but when i´m not planing on a 127 and 9.5 there is no wind...
25th February 2014 12:15 AM
Unregistered I have a 110, so 127 would be very close. Is the 127 a better board than the 127?
24th February 2014 07:34 PM
kapten k Perhaps better with 127? If you dont need the volume.. Falcon?WTF! that´s light beer!

23rd February 2014 04:47 PM
Isonic 137 or Falcon 142

Slightly unfair question as this is a sitar board forum; I have the chance to buy either a falcon 142 2013 or an Is137 2012. The Is137 is £100 cheaper and all my other boards are Isonics. Is the IS 137 a good board. I weigh 90kg and will use with 9.6

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