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30th March 2007 10:56 PM
RE: 120 litre speed board ????

Hi Floyd,

A friend of mine has pushed the Sonic 125 up to 36,5 Knots. He's a bit lighter than you and still hopes to push it faster.
30th March 2007 01:07 AM
RE: 120 litre speed board ????

hello floyd,
Fully geared up I weigh about 100 kg aswell, and even with wind dropping I can get back to shore with a iSonic 111. Pulling the sail out of the water can be done but takes some good balancing. Now about the speed, I have regularly done speeds over 35 knots with the iS111 using a WarpF2006 and Select SL37cm fin. And that was not on very flat water. As soon as wind increases I get on my iSonic 87 with a WarpF2006 6.8. So as a speed board the 111 is good choice up to a certain point, it is a excellent training partner for the bigger wind days.

I think I can get iS111 close to 37-38 knots in flatter conditions.
I always post my speeds on www.gps-speedsurfing.com.
good luck with your choice!

Sven Kempers
28th March 2007 03:44 PM
RE: 120 litre speed board ????

some of the aussie guy´s on GPS-speedsurfing went faster than 40 knots on an SB Aero 117 in Sandy Point, so it is certanly possible. However, I agree that it should be much easier on a smaller board than IS 122.

28th March 2007 03:38 PM
RE: 120 litre speed board ????

Hi Mark
Thanks for reply.Totally agree with you regards speeds of bigger sonics(and others) but dont think I`d get anything back to shore much under 110 litres. Would be fine in Leucate but at home venue we have a bad shadow at high tide which can prevent retuirn(or getting to) our "speed course".
Dont mind not getting to but not getting home in offshore with only RNLI for rescue is a bit offputting. (We`ve had a couple of helicopter rescues and 3 inshore outings in past 2 seasons. (none for me ; fortunately)
Will try and get on a Sonic 100 at some time. In mean time I`m trying a JP Slalom Pro 114. (Think its a bit wide to crack 40 but ???)

Take care.
28th March 2007 06:09 AM
mark h
RE: 120 litre speed board ????

Hi Floyd
I'm slightly heavier than you, and I'm average joe skill. For speed its unlikely that 40k will happen on a iS122, more like mid 30's. By the time the iS122 will do mid 30's, it would be possible to be pulling better times on something sleeker. It might be better looking at something like a iS94/87 for "real world speed". I'm using a 2004 sonic 100 with a 7.6 NS Warp and 35cm fin and its pretty easy getting mid 30's on most sessions. Even if the wind dies, its still uphaulable and big enough to float home. The Sonic 100 (and iS94 I'd think) really is a "do it all" board, I'v toyed with upgrading it but I'm really reluctant to. Leucate sounds good, its still pretty cold over here, so still in big neoprene and silly hats.

27th March 2007 05:52 PM
RE: 120 litre speed board ????

Hi Per
I`d more or less come to same conclusion. Was actually thinking of an 06 isonic 115. Tried ST115 but not wearing GPS so ??? Would think sonic must be quicker (on flat water???)
Anybody any speeds for boards this size ?? (I`m still trying to break 40k ; ben 3 seasons now !!!)
Anybody broke 40k on boards of this size ??? (or bigger ???)
I`ve often wondered what is fastest "real world" speed board.
Thanks for reply Per.
Good sailing.
(I`m off to Leucate for 3 weeks; should be warming up down there by now !)
27th March 2007 02:41 PM
RE: 120 litre speed board ????

Hi Floyd.
At 100 kgs too I'm able to uphaul and schlog the ST-115, even in winds down to 5 knots. It's very fast too and 11 cm more narrow than iSonic 122.
Anyway, the obvious choice for you would be iSonic 111 I guess.
Wolume is a little on the lower side, but it's plenty wide for getting back if the wind drops.
The very short boards do not schlog as well though.
26th March 2007 11:05 PM
120 litre speed board ????

Wanting a board to simply go as fast as possible on relative flat water (coast but in offshore) but need 120 litres to ensure safe return past sheltered section of coast (and in case wind drops)
Thought about isonic 122 but it just seems very wide to achieve speeds I`m after. (what is it capable of???)
Dont think I`d get back on a Sonic 105 (or similar) as I weigh approx 100k.

A sailable (other than on a course) speed board for 100k sailor ???

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