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22nd April 2007 04:58 PM
RE: Automatic Sail Size Calculator

Why ????
Will never work.
Sail choice can vary at least 20% on same day depending on what you are doing ??? Max speed ? Jumping ??? Racing ??? Playing ???
Thats before you factor in weight/skill/ strength !!!
21st April 2007 11:27 PM
RE: Automatic Sail Size Calculator

it's quite accurate from compared to the sails i use in certain conditions ... and to what i think i should use @ certain windspeeds
21st April 2007 12:56 AM
RE: Automatic Sail Size Calculator

Looks good for me. 90. kg and a S-type 115. Close...very close. And now I have an idication of what size my wife should use...Very usefull. Thanks..

best regards and see you on the warter soonB)

20th April 2007 02:23 AM
RE: Automatic Sail Size Calculator

I added a board size and fin size section to the calculator.


Whether they give good advice or not is up for debate.
19th April 2007 02:53 AM
RE: Automatic Sail Size Calculator

im saying ther eis something wrong too. me on a 4.2 in 20 knots? lol im 6 foot... Its an interesting concept though. i don't think you can do this because certain people like being overpowered and are used to that. Its too personal.

Maybe do something where you enter a wind strength and the sail you would use, and your wieght or something and have it figure it out. Something to base your skill/needs on
19th April 2007 01:12 AM
RE: Automatic Sail Size Calculator

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Of course you're welcome to take the spreadsheet and try to update it with a more advanced formula or whatever you think could make it better. B)
19th April 2007 12:39 AM
RE: Automatic Sail Size Calculator

Quite precise for me. 97 kgs 6.5 in 20 knots. Ok for an S-type 115, but I could use a 7.5 too, or 9.8 on a formula...

It depends a lot on the sails intended useage, board, style etc.
18th April 2007 11:18 PM
RE: Automatic Sail Size Calculator

doesn't work at all for me.
more like a random answer creator.

Board size/board type completely negleted == useless
- yes, I did read shortboard, but e.g. an Is145 is a short board too
- yes, I did read shortboard but e.g. 9.5 + ST137 works from 10kts on at 86Kg

so, nice idea, but as said before useless.
18th April 2007 10:32 PM
RE: Automatic Sail Size Calculator

Nicely presented but not very accurate or even close to me, e.g 68kg and 30 knots gives a 3.0 sail...
I think the model is just to simple, for me at 68kg a get a better fit using e.g: A=1+90/V rather than just A=91/V as you use. I'm not sure how this would translate to other body weights.
18th April 2007 08:51 PM
Automatic Sail Size Calculator

Hey Windsurfers,

Check out the automatic sail-size calculator I put together.


Just enter your weight and it will tell you what sail size to use for any wind in kts, mph, and kmph. I got the formulas for it from this forum and others. Obviously there are other considerations when selecting sail size, but this might help.

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