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27th April 2007 05:25 AM
RE: 2007 Ezzy Wave

Great photo's Ola. Thinking of 5.7 Smack, 5.8 Ezzy as the biggest size on my Evo 80 and 5.3 as the biggest on my PA74. I guess at 70kg the Evo could handle a little bigger but I'm sure the 5.7 would feel pretty effortless (I like the sail to "disappear" which is steering me to the Smack over the Ezzy). I'll try to demo a Smack, tried the 06 SO but I'm sure they are quite different and feel the Smack would be better in the bigger sizes with the Evo. Means new masts unfortunately but the old Ezzy's are a few years old and I guess even skinnies don't last forever.
27th April 2007 03:46 AM
RE: 2007 Ezzy Wave

Note that on the link with the pics I posted above, the two other sailors out are on 07 Ezzys. So it was like a Ezzy-Smack shootout.
27th April 2007 12:36 AM
RE: 2007 Ezzy Wave

Well, I use the Smack myself, right now in 5.3 (see my avatar, more pics on http://www.olah.se/Windsurfing/Asa_061111w/index.html). Its a real good amalgam of smoothness and power, thats for sure. The Smack will not go 100% neutral either, not like an SO, but it gets close and in fact I think the more solid pull helps be keep more even pressure through the bottom turn and hence helps me carve a better arc. This is especially true in conditions where sail power is part of driving power. The 06 Smack had a bit of "snap" when the battens flipped, but the 07 is silent and much smoother and also has a tighter front end which is great for light wind pumping.

Good luck in choosing.
26th April 2007 07:36 PM
RE: 2007 Ezzy Wave

Thanks Ola and Russell - trying to decide between the Ezzy 07 and the Hot Sails Smack, obviously both powerful and tough. I'm thinking that the Smack may be a little more "normal" - not too keen on the description of the gybe snap, sounds like the sail wouldn't really ever go neutral like the old Ezzy's.

Decisions decisions.....
26th April 2007 03:00 PM
RE: 2007 Ezzy Wave

I changed to the 2007 Ezzy's late last year and love the sails.

I will have to say they take a bit of getting used to and learning how to set them. But once you have them dialed they are great and it is hard to go back to other makes of sail.

The most important thing is not to put too much down haul on as this flattens the sail too much and brings the draft to far back and makes the sail very twitchy.

The out haul guide seams to be spot on and I find I tend to use 1cm less than the rope guide. The out haul adjustment on this sail is huge and you can sail with the sail very full. So you can go much smaller. I prefer to go small and full rather than bigger and flater.

The rotation of the sail is very hard and is the one thing you have to get used to. It sounds like you are using a slalom sail.

The sail sets very differently on different masts and I am now using a maverX stilo 300 wihch I perfer. But again this is a personal choice.

These sails are very powerfull so are best suited to a more agressive style of wave riding where you are using the power of the sail more.

These are just some of my thoughts but my main advice is play around with the fine tuning until you find a set you prefer, as the range of settings are huge.

26th April 2007 01:55 PM
RE: 2007 Ezzy Wave

When it comes to a deeeeeep and locked in profile, there is no wave sail like the Ezzy 07. It looks super weird but my friend who is a long time Ezzy fan says it works great when you've adjusted a bit to the feeling. There is actually a bit more going on than the deep profile since that is coupled with the traditional "no rotation" soft Ezzy design so the stiff, locked in and deep profile get smoothed out by the soft and springy elemenst of the rest of the design. Note that this is only what I heard from my sailing buddy who uses them and what I've seesn from looking at the sail. Hopefully we have some Ezzy rider with us that can give you more info.

25th April 2007 07:46 PM
2007 Ezzy Wave

Hi, Anybody tried the new Wave SE 2007 Ezzy's? Seems like quite a change in style to a much more powerful draft forward sail. Can't find any mag reviews and was hoping someone could share their experience.


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