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Guest 18th January 2007 03:31 AM

gun sails mast compatability
does any one know what other mast brands are compatable with gun sails. I am using powerex masts and am wondering if the will work with a gun camed sail

Guest 18th January 2007 02:44 PM

RE: gun sails mast compatability
My understanding is that the GUN masts are Constant Curve, and that a Powerex mast should be highly compatible.


RobSwift 21st January 2007 05:39 PM

RE: gun sails mast compatability
I have a Gun sail which goes with a Gun Terminator. I was told it was made in the same Italian factory as North masts and that these masts are practically identical. I have used my Terminator with my North sail. They fit perfectly.

crazychemical 23rd January 2007 12:43 AM

RE: gun sails mast compatability
Just quickly on the side, can you guys give me some feedback on the quility of Gun sails. I checked the website and these sails really aren't expecive, i'm thinking of buying a booster 8.7. But i have no experiece with this brand of sail.


Guest 23rd January 2007 03:31 AM

RE: gun sails mast compatability
What kind of sail you want to use on this mast ?
If you want full info - browse forum regarding mast compatibility. Despite what mast manufacturers are saying that masts are constant curve they do not bend in the same way so not every mast will fit every sail.
Masts for gun are made by itallica same as north and some other brands. Basically you should be ok with powerex.

take care

RobSwift 23rd January 2007 06:41 PM

RE: gun sails mast compatability
Gun sails are solidly built. I love my 6.5 Raptor. They don't have a lot of fancy features, but are durable and carry the wind well.

Guest 23rd January 2007 09:49 PM

RE: gun sails mast compatability
I have used GUN SAILS for 2 years now. Both Target and Boster. The boster is a perfect freerace sails. 3 cam's but still good handling, and the speed is as good as any freerace sail on the market. I have out performed both Gaastra GTX, NP Saber and V8. Off caoused also with help from my ST 115 but still..
The quality have just been better and better for yeach year, but the prise have also raised a bit. All in All a very good sail to the price.

crazychemical 23rd January 2007 11:03 PM

RE: gun sails mast compatability
Thanks, next stage is finding a dealer :d.... my normal shop ( doens't deal in Gun sails. gonne see where i can find em, and then compare prices with my beloved Gaastra.

Surf em laddies!

Guest 24th January 2007 12:43 PM

RE: gun sails mast compatability
I live en denmark and I get my GUN SAIL stuff directly from Germany from GUN SAIL's homepage, no problem ! It takes around 3-4 day's after I have ordered it then a UPS comes along with the stuff. I pay 18 euro for transport of 1 sail. very easy..:p

Guest 24th January 2007 04:43 PM

RE: gun sails mast compatability
Here are some experiences and views on Gun equipment.

A wet suit lasted 12 days, the replacement lasted the same length of time. The problem in each case was extensive failure of the adhesive.

Shipping costs to claim a guarantee can be significant if you do not live in Germany.

Gun keeps people sailing where they cannot afford anything better or where they want to keep expenditure to a minimum.

I have seen the clew tear in a number of their wave sails. The same type of tear every time. Another problem was failure of the stitching inside the luff sleeve, at the inner end of the battens and at the upper end of the luff sleeve. Same failure on the same model.

Gun sails set best on Gun Masts. I found Powerex was a poor match for Gun.

Masts made in the same factory are not necessarily the same. Each manufacturer provides a specification. Board manufacturers provide different specifications to the Cobra factory

I will never again buy a Gun products. For me they were not good value in the long term.

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