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k.lauman 27th November 2010 09:14 AM

The incredibly unique iSonic question thread!
I have a 2006 starboard iSonic 133. I like it a lot.

Recently I saw a rider with the iSonic's predecessor, the Hypersonic. I noticed the huge difference in bottom shape, the concaves and lack of cutaways.

I'm wondering what the design rationale behind the concaves was and why they were discontinued.

Might be a "Grass-is greener" observation, but I sail in choppy to very choppy flat water and great lakes conditions. The iSonic is a rough ride in these conditions, but I would expect the same from any wide board. Would the Hyper offer any benefits in these conditions?

Also I chipped the trailing edge of the Deboicet fin, what's the best way to deal with it?

joe_windsurfer 27th November 2010 06:54 PM

fin repair
not part of the SB team, butt here is a fin repair method advocated on the web that i am about to test:

good luck

Erik Loots 27th November 2010 10:43 PM

Hi k. lauman,

I repair many fins for myself and a few others. The trailing edge is often not too hard to repair.

If the chip in trailing edge is big I use epoxy with glas 100-200gr/m2. Just cut a few glass layers that fit in the chip. And 1-2 layers on both sides for strong connection of the repairl. I press 2 flat plastic part with good pressure against both flat sides of the trailling edge, wait a few days. Sand the trailing edge flat with some sanding block. And you will have full performance back!

Make sure the trailing edge is pointing downwards during curing epoxy (you don't want the epoxy going over the profile).

Hope this helps a little bit.

The iSonic works quite good in rough conditions, just remember there has to be good power to make the ride stabilize. If you just want to go fast without pushing hard GO for futura!!!!! (these have also double concave).

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