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jpon2 7th December 2010 09:10 AM

Starboard GO 2011 lineup
I think that I have seen somewhere a picture of the Go lineup for 2011. I searched for it, couldn't find it again but I can almost swear that I saw the largest GO equipped with a centerboard. Am I imagining it or is it indeed what Starboard will be offering next year.

jpon2 1st January 2011 05:40 AM

Never mind!:)

Remi 1st January 2011 08:44 AM

Hi Jpon2

All the best

dave 2nd January 2011 11:52 AM

the new GO looks like it shares the same shape as the carve, or very similar. Is this correct Remi.

Remi 2nd January 2011 01:17 PM

Hi Dave,

Yes totally correct

Happy new year

All the best

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