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Expander 22nd January 2007 07:29 PM

S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...

About German SURF magazine comment on STARBOARD S-Type 126 (January 2007 issue,, where they wrote: "S-Type 126: No other is faster...", does some one know at which model (2006 or 2007) they made reference ?

Thank you.

- Exp.

PG 23rd January 2007 01:21 PM

RE: S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...
They tested the 2007 boards, and yes, they thought that the S-Type was VERY fast.
However, in a separate article they compared a JP Freerace board to a JP Slalom board, and concluded that the Freerace board had no chance whatsoever.

Expander 23rd January 2007 04:29 PM

RE: S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...

Thank you, PG, for information... since I've just purchased a 2006 S-Type I ask: in your opinion, are performances substantially improved from 2006 to 2007 board ?

- Exp.

hans kleingeld 6th February 2007 01:29 PM

RE: S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...
Hi Extander and PG,

Sorry for my late reply on this topic. I have no good example to compare a starboard iS with an S-type, but I have surfed a Fanatic Stingray 130 TT (68 cm, 136 ltr, freeracer, '03) and a Fanatic Falcon 120 (74 cm, 114 ltr, slalomboard, '05).

In my opninion, I surfed both boards a lot, there are differnces, but if a fast freeracer is tuned well with a good slalomfin and a slalomsail maybe the differences become very small and also you have to mention that normally have a couple of save ltrs of volume and are a little easier to ride.

Falcon 120: gps-display 63.0 km/u, 10 sec run 61.7, 500 mtr 59.0
Sting-ray: gps-display 60.8, 10 sec run 59.0..

Differences are small and since I bought the falcon120 I became more experienced with slalomboards and sails.

In my opinion for recreational use speeddifferences between slalomboards and fast freeracers (at leas in the fanatic case) are very minor, but really become noticably in the upper windrange and whenyou are able to get the max speed out of your slalomboard. Otherwise a fast freeracer is a very nice and save choice. A lot of people simply will go faster with a freeracer like the S-type because it's more easy and fun to use in most of the conditions we meet.

Sorry for the fanatic example, but If I had the opportunity to test a S-type 126 besides an iS111 I think the things mentioned above still are valid;)

-Lampi- 6th February 2007 08:49 PM

RE: S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...

About the changes.... The 2006 s-type 126 was also tested in the german SURF magazine. All the boards in that test had the best possible rate for speed ( 15 points or something like that). However, the s-type had an extra point, which i have NEVER seen in any test before.

I guess they're just that fast;)

All the best

Expander 7th February 2007 03:22 AM

RE: S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...


thank you for both replies.

Hans: I agree when you say "..if a fast freeracer is tuned well with a good slalom fin and a slalom sail maybe the differences become very small..."; instead, I'm thinking if these differences might become significant in a current slalom race...

Lampi: do you know if "that" german SURF Magazine is available and readable somewhere on web ?

- Expander.

-Lampi- 7th February 2007 08:00 PM

RE: S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...
They have a website, but i don't think you can read any of the articles online. I've tried to find that edition of the surf in the box where i keep them but i couldn't find it. Once again i have to say that in terms of speed it got more points that were predicted to be given.

In case you didn't know, the comparison was made between the same types of boards. They never compare for example slalom boards to freerace boards.

For slalom racing, the iS is definately better than the s-type, but as Hans already said - if tuned correctly, the difference becomse very little. But there isn't a better way to find out how small (or big) the difference is than to go to a slalom race and see for your self how fast YOU are compared to the others.

Kind regards

Expander 7th February 2007 08:45 PM

RE: S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...

Another question about differences between 2006-2007 S-Types: privately, a person has just sent to me strong negative feedbacks regarding 2006 series, particularly with regard to 104 model; instead he was very satisfied of 2005 and 2007 S-Types, always 104 models...

Does someone confirm these bad impressions ??

Are they applicable to entire 2006 series, i.e. to 126 model ??

- Expander.

-Lampi- 7th February 2007 08:52 PM

RE: S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...
I haven't heard anything whatsoever to confirm that theory. I've sailed the 115 S-Type 2006 and i don't have anything negative to say about it except that it's too big for me:D;)

Grant 9th February 2007 10:55 PM

RE: S-Type 126: "No other is faster"...
I have a s-type 126 (2005) and an Isonic 115 (2006) and in the usual gusaty conditions I sai in the isonic is much easier to manage, especially in the really gusty stuff. The Isonic is also much faster and points much higher upwind and have a larger sail range. I own several Isaonics and one s-type (and I do sail it and enjoy sailing it), but it gives you an idea just how much I like the Isonics.



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