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ClausKrike 11th December 2010 04:28 AM

Futura101 and Kode86
Hey at the Starboard Forum.

I am the lucky owner of a Futura101 2010, Wood Carbon and I must say this board rocks !!!!!! :)

It's perfect for me and my NP Hellcats 6.2 and 7.2, but must say it has trouble with hard chop and strong winds which requires smaller sails .... So my question is which board in the Starboard range should I look for to sail Hellcat 5.2 and Combat 4.5?

I'm in the intermediate + area. Doing jibes, speed max. 26 knots and my wight is 80 kg and only looking for speed and freeride. No waves and freestyle :eek: Will the Kode86 be okay, as a small board in more demanding conditions and sail range ?

Best regards.


RadiantX 11th December 2010 07:56 AM

The size drop seems ok but I'm not sure the style/type of board (fsw) is probably the best option if your wanting a pure speed/freeride board. I say that because you will be limited with the type of fins you can use in the Kode86 as it is a US fin box. I know because I also have a Kode86 and have found it hard finding decent speed orientated fins for it. If your not so speed orientated and sail more freeride to bump and jump I'd say for sure, the Kode86 is a great board. I am also 80kg and use it with a 5.2 & 4.7m wave sails. I also use a 6m freeride sail on occasion and it feels quite good with this and a slightly larger fin than what is supplied with the board. I have had my Kode86 (wood) doing 30 knots in slightly choppy water so with perfect conditions maybe a few knots more.

COACHG 12th December 2010 01:33 AM

The 101 should be fine with the 5.2 at your weight, but the 4.5 is probably way off the chart. For 4.5 & 5.3 the Kode 86 should be fine for you. Most people use some version of a wave board anyway for sub 5.0 conditions anyway because of the control they offer. Just because a board is a wave board doesn't mean you can't use it for freeride.


PG 13th December 2010 12:07 AM

I don't think the Kode 86 sounds like the best fit for you. It is too much wave for your freeride and speed ambitions. If it has to be a Starboard then the Futura 93 should ride quite a lot smaller than the 101. With time maybe a combo of the F93 and the F111 would be ideal for your weight.

Or then look around in the market for smallish boards with dual back footstraps and a powerbox finbox. Some that spring to mind are Exocet Cross 84 (especially the Cross II, if you can find one), or the RRD FSW (famous chop-eater), or Angulo CV1 90, or ...

PrydeMan 13th December 2010 07:30 AM

I would also consider a Flare 98 as an option to. The flares can work real well as a freeride board to a bump and jump board.

Chris Dimond Aus06 13th December 2010 09:55 AM

I have a 2010 Futura 101 and a 2009 Kode 86. I am around 90kg.

I agree the 2010 Futura 101 is a very special board - it rocks with my Severne Reflex sails, the Severne NCXpro 6.5 and the Severne 5.7 Gator. In fact with the 5.7 Gator the speed and jumps are just awesome!!

I use my Kode 86 with 5.7 Gator, 5.3 Blade and 4.7 Gator. I chose this board as my high wind board because it has the double back strap set up which allows me to sail it with the feel of a slalom board - i.e. heels on the rail.

The Kode is fast too. I have done low 30's with the stock fin, but have also had Boogie at C3 make a US box Venom 30 for me to use in this board, and so far I have clocked 35 knots in less than ideal conditions. This board could easily crack 40 on the right day.

There are other US box slalom fins on the market too, but the Venom is just superb.

The Kode can be tuned for control in waves/bumpy stuff, or tuned for speed and 'air time'! For me, it is the best board for 25+ knot winds.

Hope this helps.

mario.milhazes 13th December 2010 06:50 PM

Hi Claus

I am 80kg and have Starboard Kode 86, Futura 101 and Futura 122.
I ride the 101 with 6.2 NP Hellcat and 5.4 NP Excess, perfect combos.
For the Kode 86 i use 5.4 NP Excess, 4.7 NP Combat and 4.2 NP Combat in hi winds with a lots of chop, no waves.

I think this is the best you can get if you go for Starboard.

RadiantX 14th December 2010 10:36 AM

I stand corrected! :~)

I didn't realise the C3 Venoms could be purchased as a US fin box. I have Venoms for my two Futura's (111 & 93) and love these fins - best I've had. I still think the choice of decent "speed" fins for the Kodes is rather limited but it's good to see there is at least some choice. Personally I'd like to see the K86 and above with a PB fin system for a more secure fit and larger fin selection.

Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy the K86 Claus.

Chris Dimond Aus06 15th December 2010 03:53 AM

Another option that I have tried is the 'no spin ultra fin' (or something like that) from Maui Ultra Fins. It is a US box slalom fin that is claimed to be super fast and never spin out. I have found it to be moderately fast, does not spin out across the wind and up wind, but off the wind it spins out like a *itch!

The Venom is a superior product for sure.

US box Venoms are not a standard product from C3.

You have to ask very nicely ...

ClausKrike 15th December 2010 10:09 PM


Thanks for the good answers.

I will definitely go after a K86 as my high wind board and I can tell from the responses, several use the same sail range as I have planned.

I do not think a flare will suit me after the description on the website and Futura93 I think will get too close to the witin and range of use of Futura101.

And so we'll see if the fins will create problems.

Once Starboard always Starboard :cool:

Best regards.

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