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Stew 23rd January 2007 05:52 AM

I sail on the east coast of Australia and am looking for a light wind PA for my 72kg to be used in 12-18 often gusty knots ( sail 5.3-5.8) and all winddirections including B+J. I'll jump on my Acid 74(52cm wide) as soon as the wind gets to a good consistent side/crossoff 15 knots with decent although usually small /medium waves. Having trouble deciding between the PA80 or 86 due to the 59cm width of the 86 although I assume it'd be great for float and ride. Would appreciate your advice much.


Kevin Pritchard 27th January 2007 04:05 AM

RE: PA80/86
I would go with the 85. It will work great in the Aus from what I have seen. It has a nice fast rocker on it and it is great for that bump and jump that you are talking about!

Hope this helps.

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