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Pieter Buis 24th December 2010 03:57 PM

board for very choppy high wind conditions
Hi Remi,

I am looking for a board which enables me to sail in very, very choppy conditions and 25 - 35 knots.

I am used to sail Formula (162) and Isonics (144, 122, 101) with big sails in strong winds. Till about 5 years ago I surfed at the North Sea with an old Acid 88. My weight: 98 kg and I am 1.95 m tall.

I live on the shore of the big lake / former sea in the Netherlands which is perfect for windsurfing. But when the wind really kicks in slalom sailing is not much fun anymore, because of the very difficult chop (0,5 - 1 m waves, 1 - 2 m frequency + all kinds of voody chop), which is to much to handle with the speed from the 101 and NP racing sails. (it is not the wind, but the chop which gives me troubles. p.e. last year I did sail the defiwind without problems with 101 / 122 and NP 5.5, 6.2, 7.2 and 7.8).

I tried my starboard Acid, but it is not suitable as it feels unstable, long and small (compared to the Isonics) and I can only use small wavesails.

Therefore I am looking for a combo with lots of controle and less speed, freeride with some bump and jump, but still some volume because of my weight. I would like to use my wave sails (4.6, 5, 5.8) on the board, but als some new (crossover??) sails 7,5 m2 max. It would be great if i could also use it at sea, a few times a year, like with 7m and 20 knots wind.

Is the Kode 113 a good choice or is it to much freestyle? And will heavier versions like technora be oke in high winds and chop? Do you see other options? And what sail do you recommend?

Best regards, Pieter

Remi 24th December 2010 04:07 PM

Hi Pieter,

Sure iSonic 101 is way to big in this condition, it will be far better to use iSonic 80 with 6.2 or 5.7 :)

Anyway if you are looking for more freeride stuff the Futura 93 can be really the one with still a lot of speed.

Merry Christmas

BelSkorpio 25th December 2010 08:19 PM

Hi Pieter,

I'm 87kg, have about the same boards like you, and had a couple of months ago the same question.

I was also doubting between IS87 / FU93 / K86.

I've decided 1 month ago to buy cheap a second hand IS87 of 2007, which I couldn't try out yet because of the winter :(
I'm also very curious how the board will react in 1 - 2 m wavy chop.
On flat water, I'm convinced I've made the right choice.
From the moment I can try it out, I'll let you know.

By the way, I think there is still a 2nd hand IS87 available on or


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