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MOP 26th December 2010 06:08 AM

What is the benefit of long boom length?
I can see that the overdrives have a longer boom length than the reflex, the rs:slalom, simmer scs/scr gtx race and so on.

For example: the new overdrive 9.7 has 254(!)cm and the rs:slalom has 233cm

What are the pros and contras regarding long boom length?

Merry christmas to everyone!

Remi 26th December 2010 07:45 AM

Hi Mop

The Overdrive 9.7 is a sail built principally for the Formula Experience Class. And to make this as much affordable as possible the sail have to fit the same boom as the Overdrive 11 so the Alu Race 250/270. The extra boom length also give you more stability for a sail who use only 3 cams

All the best and happy holidays

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