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Phill104 24th January 2007 01:16 AM

Ian- What size fins for iS87?
Hi Ian,

I've just taken delivery of my new toy and it looks like a fine board. I was pleasantly suprised to find it came with race straps too, saves me buying a set.

What fins would you recommend with this board to match both a 6.4 Tush X15 and a similar 5.8? I'll probably add a 5.2 as well later on.

I'm 86kg and will mainly be sailing it either on a speed strip (The Ray in southend) or on a lake that can have some heavy wind blown chop.

Ian Fox 25th January 2007 03:56 AM

RE: Ian- What size fins for iS87?
Hi Phill,

I'd think you're gonna be pretty happy with that one.

Focussing on speed with the iS87 on 6.4m, riders in the 80-90kg range should consider a really good 30cm, which will also double as the 5.8m choice up until it really starts nuking, when for pure speed you can consider a 28cm (which would then be the choice for 5.2 conditions as well). (Race fins in equivilent range/performance sizing to stock)

in this case, going for moderately stiffer fin in the smaller (speed) tuning is usually a good thing; the fin will be less user friendly at low/mid range but more reliable where it counts- at the top end when pushed.

It is possible to run smaller (or more raked or lower A/R) fins - which will result in a smaller "mechanical" (measured) size, but selection/sizing of these would equate to equivilent "performance" size to the above benchmarks.

On the iS87 for speed, but it's also possible to under fin the board relative to the conditions (the board is very sailable "early" in the speed range on (say) 28cm ) but typically the best results come from running a little more, rather than a little less for the given conditions.

I've not been there, but that Ray looks pretty promising, so you should be in good shape to get some solid new PB's.

Have (fast) fun !

Cheers ~ Ian

Phill104 26th January 2007 02:15 AM

RE: Ian- What size fins for iS87?
Cheers Ian,

I've just ordered a couple of F1 Falcons in the sizes you suggested

steveC 26th January 2007 08:37 AM

RE: Ian- What size fins for iS87?
Hi Phill,

So you went for the 28cm and 30cm Tectonic F-1 Falcons? I'm seriously considering a 32cm Falcon, and I would be interested what you think about your choices once you can give them a spin. I'm strong advocate for Goldwings based on past experience, so it would be interesting to hear about the Falcons. My board is a tad bigger, hence the larger size.

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