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Selly154 24th January 2007 10:55 PM

Carve 121 or 111 OR S Type
I am looking to buy either a Starboard carve 121 or 111 Or an S Type 115 or 126 but not sure which way to go.

It will be my big board using mainly a 7.5 T Bird and a wedge 6.8. I dont want to sacrifice too much early planing but manoeverability is important. It would be good to try out carving freestyle aswell ie upwind 360s backwind gybes duck gybes and maybe downind 360s.

I will use it on a resevoir and on the coast.

My other boards are a Starboard kombat 86 and a Mistral beast 76L and other sails 5.6 wedge 5.0 storm and 4.5 rock I weigh around 11 stone.

Any recomendations?"

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