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Unregistered 3rd January 2011 06:53 PM

old board new fen?
iīve bought an old sailboard named "sailboard". Itīs probably from the 80īs and was maybe not so common because I have not find it on the "net" so far. Itīs in pretty good shape but the backfen i broken and i need a new one.
Do anybody know where to find one? do I need one just from sailboard or is there any other brands who use that kind of fen?

Roger 3rd January 2011 07:41 PM

If your old board is a Sailboard Masterclass, you may be able to buy an new "euro box" or "A" box fin
and simply slide it into the rear fin slot.
How does your old broken fin mount?
If it has one small screw at the front or the back that tightens and small square plate nut down in a horizontal groove in the rear fin slot, you are in luck.
Any similar size "A" or "E" (for Euro) box fin should slip right in with perhaps a little filing and fitting on
the root of the fin to make it a nice tight slip fit in the fin box.
Can you post a photo of your broken fin and the fin slot in your board?
Do you have the mast base fitting? That may be a bigger problem than the broken fin.
Hope this helps,

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