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agrelon 5th January 2011 04:02 AM

Futura 93l + Small fin for learning sliding freestyle?
I want to start learning vulcans. The smallest fin I have for my Futura 93l is a 30 freeride swift, which is quite easy to spinout with.

Would center back footstraps + <5.8m camberless sail + 30cm fin be alright to start learning vulcans, or would I get too much grip from this fin?

As soon as I have the chance, I going to give it a go regardless, but I'd also like to hear from some freestyle experts to know if this fin/board is going to make my life more difficult.


Chris Pressler 7th January 2011 04:20 AM

Hi Agrelon,
I am sure you can practice the airjibe (vulcan) on the Futura 93. Yes, 5,8 m is perfect and just one single strap in the back is fine. Can remember, when I learnt the move in 2000 I used a Carve 99. Used just one strap in the back, but had only the option to fix it cross. Was fine. And used a shorter fin, around 24 cm.
You should check out a freestyle fin in 24cm with Tuttle Box system and check out some vids before you practice.

Good luck,

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