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marekk 8th January 2011 06:16 PM

iSonic 150 or Ultrasonic? Question for Remi

I'm doubting between 2 similar boards: iSonic 150 or Ultrasonic to buy one of. After I did read Ultrasonic description on Starboard site, I think that US is more accesible comparing to iS, but maybe iS maximum performance is a little better. I think, for instance, that maximum speed of iS could be higher, because shorter nose. Am I right? Could you compare these two boards? I need your advice rather quickly, because it is "last minute" to order "old" iSonic 150... I'm heavy windsurfer, above 100 kg. Remi, help please, I can't decide!:confused:


mark h 8th January 2011 08:48 PM

Hi Marekk
Not the SB team here, but like you I have wondered what the "speed" difference will be between old and new.

Reading between the lines, I think that some people struggled to get to best out of the iS because it is very short. Normal slalom riders with an active style did not find the iS hard to sail fast in light winds.

On paper, the US147 extra length will do the following:
More passive planing.
Easier tacking.
Better planing through lulls.
Better upwind.
I also "think" that from a top speed point of view, the sharper rails will counter the extra length = slightly faster top-end (just a guess).

I tried the old iS150 (2008) for a few weeks and I liked it a lot with a 9m and 10m in super light winds. I dont think that you will be disappointed with either boards, but I think the US147 must have the edge on the iS150. It seems that SB always moves forward not backwards:)

marekk 8th January 2011 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by mark h (Post 45955)
...SB always moves forward not backwards:)

I agree with this opinion about SB :), but change shape lines usually mean changes in all aspects of board properties. Law of phisics are immutable, and generally higher property "x" mean lower property "y" or "z". In my main question I hope to lead to conclusion: which property is "lowered" in Ultrasonic :). I like SB, and all my boards was this brand, but I'm going to make conscious choice. In my opinion, when I did read US description, I concluded that US is a little more "freeride" than iS, thus more agile and comfortable etc. But US speed on planing, because shorter nose, is not as high as iS speed, despite sharper rails of US. Maybe I'm wrong about this difference, but only solution before spring ;) is to ask man who rode on these boards.

Mark H, thank you for your opinion
Cheers - Marek

Remi 9th January 2011 01:35 PM

Hi Marek

If we talk only about performances the Ultra Sonic 147 is really beter than iSonic 150 who didn't up date since 2 years. The US 147 have all the modification that we make on the iSonic 2011 + the extra length to get a very early planing.
In action the iSonic was particularly difficult with sail of 10m and over due to her short length, the US 147 handle 12 m without any problems, you can see the video on my Facebook.
If you hesitate between this boards, this possible but only for price, performances are much better in really all points.
Hope this help and you want more details just ask me
All the best

marekk 10th January 2011 12:02 AM

Many thanks Remi for your answer, it's very helpful for me

I have another question, from another thread:


I very need your advice about fins. I'm rather heavy (110 kg, on spring I hope 100), 190 cm. I'm going to order 2 fins Select S11 Race. I intend to cover three slalom sails 7.8-8.2 (now I haven't any this size) and 9.5 + 10.7-11. Which size of fins would be the best? My prediction is couple 57 and 61 cm long.
Am I right? And second question: whether fins for iS150 and US147 should have the same size?

I would be very grateful for your answer, Remi.

Remi 10th January 2011 07:28 AM

Hi Marek,

I can't talk for Select, we test many fins with our Dream Team and this one wasn't select.

For US 147, R13 and R16 are very good on this board 56 to 62. I recommend you to take in 58 and 62 for your weight and my personal favorite is the R16.

All the best

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