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ITA 175 26th January 2007 05:52 PM

New Point 7 AC1 Competition
No compromise. Pure Performance. Race at the highest levels with no compromise. Acceleration that will pull you from the start to the front of the fleet, Formula or Slalom, your performance will be enhanced. The power is controlled from the twist of the leech to guarantee a constant pressure to maximise the performance with the board. As a result, the board and sail work as one in perfect harmony. The light feel coming from the mast curve will allow incredible control and therefore higher speeds. This light feel enables effortless jibing and excellent pumping abilities. The AC-1???s wind range is very impressive: We preferred to develop fewer sizes, directing our full attention and energy into these. The main goal was to allow the sail to give a great wind range offering our racers, and clients, the opportunity to have maximum performance in events where the number of sails is restricted.
first picture from our Head Quarter's in Sardinia

A C-1 Mast Speed/Slalom size 5.0 to 9.4 Formula size 10 to 12
5.0 400 439???
5.7 400 459???
6.2 430 479???
6.7 430 499???
7.2 460 529???
7.7 460 559???
8.2 490 579???
8.7 490 599???
9.4 490/520 619???
10 520 639???
11 550 639???
12 550 639???

More info on and on [mail][/mail]

ITA 175 28th January 2007 02:11 AM

RE: New Point 7 AC1 Competition
Today P7 squad had a good test session at WCC(Windsuf Club Cagliari) with the new AC1 competition sail...Some pictures by Roberto Marci
P7 squad is already to win!

steveC 28th January 2007 07:27 AM

RE: New Point 7 AC1 Competition
Your photos 2 and 3 present an interesting compositional contrast. I like how the metallic coated material is perceived under a different light source. A nice marketing touch, particularly since the spacial results are varied and well depicited between the two shots. You guys might catch the attention of the NP folks.

Guest 2nd February 2007 05:42 PM

RE: New Point 7 AC1 Competition
would have been better to have designed something yourself instead of ripping of pryde

ITA 175 20th February 2007 02:59 PM

RE: New Point 7 AC1 Competition

Others some nice shots from Sardinia. Today we had N/O about 25 knt and 20?? C, a tipically Sardinian's day...
Point 7:The Winning Chioce
More info on

P.S:I believe that For R&D Point 7 isn't important if its new Race sails is grafically similar to NP Race Sails, there are many particulars that beyond the Graphic make the success of a Race sails.
We would to hit the mark by our First Race Sail and can offer our products al the lowest price....
Actually The facts are that by our Ac0(Slalom no Cam) and Ac2(with 2 camber) Andrea Cucchi,
has won Italian Slalom Championship 2006 against North, Gaastra and NeilPryde's Racer... Very Happy

Julian 22nd February 2007 06:12 AM

RE: New Point 7 AC1 Competition

Guest wrote:
would have been better to have designed something yourself instead of ripping of pryde
Better a good ripoff, than a bad original idea. This isn't even a ripoff (have you ever looked @ these sails and layed them next to the NP RS Racing???

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