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Daniel B 27th January 2007 12:00 AM

Ola - Harness line length
Hi Ola
what length do you suggest for an AVG person ( 1.75 mts ) for Bump and Jump & Waves ? And where would you place the boom ? I normally use it between the middle of the cut or 10 cm above the middle.

Doby 27th January 2007 10:29 PM

RE: Ola - Harness line length
This is very personal, but generally longer lines 28" - 32" makes everything feel more alive and reactive. You plane earlier as you get the rig up and away from you it is easier to manouvre as you can unhook easier. What also helps alot is bringing the lines closer together, max one palms witdh between the lines.

steveC 28th January 2007 12:09 AM

RE: Ola - Harness line length
Hi Daniel,

Not Ola H. here, but I'm somewhat similar in height as you (173cm) so I thought I would comment on what I use. However, it's important to consider one's arm length too. My arms are on the shorter side at a 32" shirt sleeve length. As a result I like 24" lines, and I always use a seat harness. Many years ago I used up to 26" lines, but in those days the spread between attachment points was generally much greater than recommended today.

Although there is a line of thought that coincides with Doby's size range recommendation, I know that it wouldn't work for me because my arms are quite extended when I sail. Yet, if I recollect correctly, I think Kevin Pritchard and Phil McGain use lines in the 28-32" range, and KP recently indicated that he always uses a waist harness these days. But that doesn't surprise me, as both of these guys are much taller than me.

One thing that you might do is check whether one of your local shops has an active set-up that allows one to test different harnesses in a dynamic way. The Windance shop in the Columbia Gorge has one, that consisted of single boom arm (with a harness line attached) that was tied off with rope on a stationary object, and it included a platform you would stand on that incorporated a one sided set of footstraps to lock into. By experimenting with different line lengths you could readily find your ideal length.

Ola_H 28th January 2007 02:27 PM

RE: Ola - Harness line length
Hi Daniel

I agree with Doby its very individual. Run what feels best. However, its good to test around a bit and give different settings a fair chance (ie trying a higher boom, longer lines etc to see what that does for your sailing).

I personally use 26" lines (I'm 1.76m) and use my boom a bit above the mid point in my sails (boom center at the 122-123cm mark on my Hot sails). I use a waist harness.

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