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GregTate 15th January 2011 05:17 AM

Looking for a Longboard Sailboard
I am looking for a longer sailboard that will allow me so wave sail. Minimum 270 ish long. What board in the Starboard line up would serve?

Roger 15th January 2011 10:59 AM

Hi Greg,
Starboard has wave boards from the 69 liter Quad to the 171 liter Carve (for really big wave sailors), but the only board longer than 270 cm is the Carve 171.
Why do you want the length?
There are Kodes, Carves, Quads, and Evos that all have wave capabilities, but virtually none but the
Carve 171 is over 270 cm long.
All of these board lines have evolved over the years and the length/width/volume ratios have been
optimized so they really work well in the wavesailing disicpline.
Wave boards are not > than 270 cm anymore.
That would be very old technology!
Hope this helps,

GregTate 17th January 2011 07:24 AM

I live on the Gulf of Mexico and our winds are light. I like to wave sail and thought the longer board would serve better. I saw a Kona longboard wave sailor on the east coast last year and have been wanting something similar ever since. The Carve 171 would work if the rocker is surfable. Is it?

I have surfed for 30 years and wind surfed off and on. I just want a board that will allow me to putz around in light air and occasionally surf it when we have waves. Also, while I'm very athletic, I don't want to be restricted to water starting a tiny board. Some of the newer wide boards seem like they would serve will, again provide they had a surfable rocker.

thanks for your input. I'm ready to move on this.

kind regards, Greg

joe_windsurfer 17th January 2011 04:58 PM

would the 52 cm fin NOT be an issue for this type of sailing ???

Roger 17th January 2011 07:02 PM

Hi Greg,
I have no first hand experience with the largest Carve board, but if you are thinking of wavesailing in conditions where an Exocet Kona would work, I'm sure the Carve 171 with a more wave oriented
fin than the OEM 52 cm will do very nicely.
What size sails would you intend to use, and are they cambered or not.
Cambered sails tend to break battens, even in very small surf.
So you would need to find a big wave sail with softer battens as well.
Hope this helps,

tonymatta 18th January 2011 07:13 AM

Maybe the SUPer range is what you need to look at.

GregTate 18th January 2011 07:46 AM

Roger, this helps a bunch. I checked out the Carve 171 and need to find a dealer so I can go see it.

Tony, thanks. I have an SUP, but I think those would be way too much board for what I am thinking.

Thanks Guys.

All the best

PG 18th January 2011 08:03 PM

If you are looking for a wavesailing longboard, then I think it is very difficult to get around the Exocet Longboard waveline (previously Kona), like or the 10'5 or the 11'5 version.

I cannot imagine that a large & long freeride board, even with a small fin, would have the shape to be enjoyable in the waves.

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