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Unregistered 21st January 2011 05:39 PM

Isonic 2011 questions
I'm around 83 kg.
Isonic user (and abuser!) since the beginning.
Usual Isonic range:biggest (131),medium (111),strong (94).Carbon-carbon wood.

In 2010 the 131 was magic in the low wind range.Comparing it to the '09 it was sharper in medium wind and such a bit harder (physical) in fully 8,6.
What I should expect from the new 127?
Is the new 117w comparable to the '09 131?
What about its low end?

The 2010 IS 111 was super good with the 7,8 and super agreable with the 8,6 (on demand).To me it got hard in flat out 7,0/choppy.
Still,what about the new 107?
Has it re-find that "classic" smoothness when overpowered (7,0) ?

No idea about the new 97.
Who's the board targeted?
I see it's less volume compared to 101 2010.Why and what's for?
Is it possible thinking that the gap between the 2010 111 and the 97 is broader than the one 107-97?

What about the new 90 low revs?
When it's better 97 and when 90?


Remi 23rd January 2011 05:11 AM

Hi Unregistered

As you notice all the iSonic 2011 have less volume than 2010 volume due principally to the Deep Deck Concave, so the 127 replace the 131, 107 the 111, 97 the 101 & 90 the 94.

The 117 Wide is a totally new one who is basically a small 127.

At you weight you are on the edge between the 127 and 117 Wide, what will your bigger sail this year?
Just to know the 8.6 will be the top sail for the 117 Wide and work very well with 9.2, but prefer the 9.7 on the 127.
The 107 as the 111 will be a machine for the 7.8 as all the range with more comfort, acceleration, better exit jibe, top end speed and control.
97 deliver top performances with 7.0 and 90 will be more a small board for heavy weight, recommend you better to chose depend of your sails the 80 or 87.

Hope this help and your welcome for other questions

All the best

Unregistered 23rd January 2011 02:50 PM

my sail quiver is built with all the sizes.
So I use both 9,5 and 8,6 for the big board.
Question is:
how much good is the 117 75cm?
Ask it because in our view it's always been not super good in the past season.
I've long thought at having both the 127 AND the 117w but probably they're too close for a real difference.
In the past we've found the 131 very good but difficult to make it running fast (at average 80 kg) with the 8,6 flat out.
That's why I'm gonna searching something for that condition (pretty common while racing).
On the other side I guess that the 117w doesn't deliver all that power for "low wind limit" ,common on national events.

Is it possible being competitive with 97/7,8 and 97/6,4 at my weight?

thank you

Remi 24th January 2011 07:02 AM

Hi Unregistered,

The best option for you will be the 117 Wide with 7.8 , 8.6 & 9.2.

9.7 is already to big for you even on the 127 for Slalom racing and the 8.6 as you say and this is normal due to your weight, a bit difficult.

The best sail for the 97 is around 7, so yes you will still very competitive with 7.8, but for your information this sail work like a rocket on the 117 Wide.

All the best

Unregistered 30th January 2011 05:42 AM

thank you Remi.

What's the difference between the IS 86 and the new IS 87?

Unregistered 30th January 2011 04:01 PM

and when (or who) people should choose the IS117 "classic" over the wide ?

Remi 30th January 2011 07:44 PM

Hi Unregistered,

Everyones but it's more a medium wind board due to the bottom shape. The 117 Wide just have very good performance in light winds for under 85 and a wide wind range.

All the best

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