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pietro 30th January 2007 04:09 PM

HELP fin size
Hi team all
i am looking for a suggestion

I got the carve 122, i am 82 kg and i am lokkoing for 2 fin
My sail are:
7.5 severne C2, use at the lake, sometimes in marginal condition sometimes not
lof twave 5.7, use at the lake and at the sea

wich size and type of fins you suggest?
what about the series fin DRAKE 38 cm?
Do you think could be right for one of the two sail? or the best is to take one bigger and one smaller

i'am looking for windsurfing but here (lake of Como) is quite cold (i have to wait till march)
good wind


Ian Fox 31st January 2007 09:52 AM

RE: HELP fin size
Hi Pietro,

The stock 38cm will be a good all round option for 7.5m conditions, for the 5.7m you really wil be better with a smaller fin in the range 30-34cm.
The actual size of that fin (especially) can vary +/- 2cm because if you take a more high aspect fin, for it's range (performance size) it will be longer.., or if you take a lower aspect freemove style fin (can be a good choice for playing around and moves !) then the sizing would be smaller, so around 30cm (or even a little less).

You can also consider addition sized fins, but fo rthe combo you described the one extra fin would be a good point to start at.

Please let us know if you would like more info etc.

Cheers ~ Ian

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