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Guest 30th January 2007 09:12 PM

carve 90 2004
I'm a light rider (63 Kg), i bought an used carve 90 (04), how many knots need to plane whith 5,8 sail freeride? Which sail can i buy to improve in light wind? (I have a freemove MFC 28 fin )
Thanks a lot Gio

crazychemical 30th January 2007 09:32 PM

RE: carve 90 2004
I think, with your weight and 5.8 you can start planning around 11 knt, perhaps a bit more. If you want to progress in lighter winds i always say, per BFt you add and extra m?? or take on off. So less wind, e.g 7 nts, you can take out a 7m?? sail. But i think you cant go any higher because of the boards capacety. Though with a sail like that you are more likely to have spin outs etc .... You can check the old starboard website (just to go the archives of 2004) to see the specs of your board and what starboard recommends.
All the rest is a matter of guts and testing... just don't in trouble :d

best of luck

Jean-Marc 1st February 2007 12:17 AM

RE: carve 90 2004

I'm a light rider (63 Kg), i bought an used carve 90 (04), how many knots need to plane whith 5,8 sail freeride?

I fear Haiko is a bit off the mark here...

With my 65 kg, I need the following wind speed to start and sustain the planing :
12 knots : Carve 111/32 cm freeride fin or Kombat 86/30 cm freeride fin, both with a NP Jet 6.9 sail.
15 knots : same boards and fins as above, both with a NP NR 6.2 sail.
18 knots : Carve 111/25 cm freestyle fin/26 cm slalom fin or Kombat 86/24 cm wave fin, both with a NP NR 5.4 sail.

For you, my guess is somewhere between 16 and 17 knots...

Cheers !


crazychemical 1st February 2007 01:01 AM

RE: carve 90 2004
sorry!! thanks jean-marc .... i was just making rough calculations ... i weigh almost 90 kg .... and i still sometimes overestimate

Jean-Marc 1st February 2007 03:30 AM

RE: carve 90 2004
No worries Haiko.

I wouldn't dare to venture too much myself into heavy weight's territories althought a 95 kg buddy need about 15 knots of wind to start planing with my Carve111 and 6.9 sail, i.e., 1 knots more of wind for every 10 kg of body weight with my gear.

However, when making comparison between different gear, it's getting much more difficult to make extrapolation between light and heavy weight riders: some mix of board/fin/sail are clearly better than other. See for example discussion at

Cheers !


Guest 1st February 2007 02:38 PM

RE: carve 90 2004
Thanks a lot for your suggestions, i'll buy 6,5 freerace sail next summer. See next time, talking about my new sail.
Bye Gio

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